Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tradition Firsts

It's the first of December, time to start setting up for a big upcoming holiday, and I have to say that I'm a little behind.  I've pulled out totes and totes of decorations, but they still sit in a (large) pile in the garage.

For those of you trying to count, don't bother, there's more of them then if I added up all my children's ages together, a little embarrassing, but to my defense I inherited at least half of them......right?
My thoughts have been elsewhere, reminiscing a bit, thinking about life and our traditions.  However I knew their was something very important I needed to find before the 1st was over.  So after some digging, I finally found what I was looking for, our family count down calendar.  It was my brother's and mine when we were growing up, and now it is something I get to share with my own children.

I remember trading the contents of the pockets, so I would get the good stuff earlier in the month, I'm sure my mom caught on, but she never made me trade them back.  This tradition stayed until I was grown and out of the house, I'll never be too big to dig a Hershey's chocolate out of a numbered pocket.  So this tradition stays, at least until my boys are grown and gone, and then hopefully they'll find a similar tradition, to carry on with their own family.   Traditions are funny, which ones to keep, and which ones do I let go?  Guess it'll be something I figure out as I move along, but I do know I love this new tradition........

I think we'll have more to join us next year for this new "tradition", both Sol and Abe asked repeatedly if they could run too, so I think next year's pace will be set by a four year old (I'm sure he'll surprise me). 

I really was in character, I might have over done it with my "HO, HO, HOing"
We ran, with maybe a little walking, and we finished the 5K, broken toe and all, even if we were a bit envious of those naughty Santas who cut course for an early finish.  My Cousin Danielle, Jo and I couldn't be any happier with the outcome.  I got to see Jo run through that finish line, and with a pretty fast time too, under 32 minutes, he's an amazing boy.  It wasn't the first time I'd seen him cross a finish line.

We'd gone to support Dad, as he finished the Ogden half, Jo was so excited by it all, he insisted running the kids K.  I cried when he ran through the finish line, I received a number of puzzled looks from strangers, but I didn't care, I just pointed to my huge swollen belly, as a few more sobs escaped (I was overly pregnant, the race fell on my due date with Sol).  That night as I awaited any flicker of a sign of labor, I remembered a note given to me years earlier when I was pregnant with Jo.
"Serena, you are going to be the best mother to your child in this world.  After having you in a group I can tell your child is going to be one of the greatest leaders in this world."

It was the last day of class, of my very last class I ever took in college, and I was days away from giving birth (no need to do the math, yes, it took me a long time to finish college, I think I should have a PhD with the amount of years I attended college).  I'd packed up a bit early and was trying to escape unseen when another student in the class chased after me, calling my name.  I stopped,  he handed me a folded up piece of paper, said something like "I just wanted to give you this.",  and I was back on my way, completely bewildered.  "Did this kid just give me his number, are you kidding me!?!"  I waited until I got to my car to unfold and read it, pretty sure I cried (I know, really again).  That note means a lot to me, he gave me one of my greatest compliments, I've framed it (along with a huge bellied picture), as to encourage my children to be the great leaders they are meant to be. 

Traditions and children, I'd say they go together.  What traditions can I give them that will bring them to their greatest potential?  I'll keep my traditions positive.  Positive, fun, and encouraging.  Please let my boys have the courage to chase after a very pregnant lady and hand her an encouraging note, yep I think that's a good tradition to start. 

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