Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dear Dad....

June 15, 2014

Just West of the Pearly Gates
Cloud #9
Heaven, 77777

Dear Dad,

Happy Father's Day!  I hope all is well.  From what I understand, where you're at is amazing.  Don't worry I'm not mad that you haven't written, I'm sure you're plenty busy.  Everyone here is great, changing and growing everyday.  That son-in-law you couldn't help but eventually accept is only slightly using that shovel you advised him to be rid of.  And your grandchildren you never met, are to be expected.  And yes, I did get one just like you.  And just so you know, for safety measures, I've already told him that if he ever starts smoking all the toes on his right foot will fall off.  He's skeptical, but I'm pretty sure I saw him trying to sneak a peak of a smoker's right foot the other day.  As for me..... I'm good.  And before you say anything about not using my education, you should know that I love what I do, and that's what's important. 

I think about you all the time, do you remember the Ding Dongs?  I thought in honor of Father's Day I'd bring a box of Ding Dongs home.  I decided to leave the box of 12 open on the kitchen counter.  On my last count, there was two, I guess somethings never change. 

Well... that's about it, I just wanted to make sure to wish you a Happy Father's Day.... since our last Father's Day celebration didn't go so well.... sorry about that.... I wish I was better at CPR.  I miss you and love you, and I'll see you when I see you.... until then my cookie jar is always open!
                                                                                              Your Twerp Daughter

P.S.  Please say 'Hi!' to Mom for me!

Friday, June 13, 2014


It takes a pretty great dad to wake up extra early on a Sunday morning, to take his oldest on a short drive to gather snow for a surprise snow ball fight with little brothers.  Happy Father's Day to all those pretty great dads!

Joining Mamabyrd in her weekly impressions posts.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Garden Journal

This week in my garden....

There is life growing!

What a difference one week makes.

I remember feeling jipped when I opened the seed packet for the spaghetti squash.... really only nine seeds (I remember because I disbelievingly counted the small pile).... but look..... one, two, three, four..... five, six.... seven, eight.... and nine.... what a small bunch of good seeds.

I think I'll have to thin out the pumpkins a bit, but at least I know that they like their new location in the garden.

With no sprinkler system each morning I wake up, grab the hose, and go visit the garden.  Often I catch myself talking to my tiny plants, encouraging their growth, reminding them to fight extra hard to crowd out the weeds (please... and hurry).  I worry about the few that haven't seemed to push through quite yet, but each year I worry, and each year they come.

One of my favorite spots in my garden is the suppose cutting garden I made for my Mom.  A flower garden to visit, which is appropriately filled with her flowered favorites.  The perennials are great, but it's the flowers I reseed each year that I get most excited about, especially the calendula, even with no blooms yet, it fills in so nicely.

And what about my broken pottery hosta.... how did it's transformation turn out.....

Alright.... I guess..... not without a few mistakes.... It's a great first try at the cement planter mix, and I do feel safer with those jagged edges covered, I just don't know if I like it enough to commit to the repair of the other four.

But I am pretty happy with the current project I've been working on, you might have seen it during 'phase one'.  The boys love this project too, they even happily join me in the work.  Even with their help it's been pretty brutal, my bandage supply in running low.... I guess I should  wear gloves and upgrade to boots with the amount of lifting and hammering I've been doing.

I'm more bothered by my hairy knuckles.
And even though Monte still stubbornly refuses to show any emotion about my current project,  I did catch him snapping a picture to show the guys at work, I won't give up hope just yet. 

Just a peek!
If I make it through the weekend without a serious injury I'll be sure to share some of my progress..... But for now I'm just hoping to find someone I trust to care for my tiny new plants in the garden while I'm gone next week.... someone who will continue with encouraging kind words..... someone who is good with a hose.... what's that.... the kids..... who will watch.... Oh they'll be fine... but my squash... and my tomatoes....

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Growing Up

I'm in the market for a machine that can freeze time, does anyone have any leads?  I feel like I'm constantly being force to move forward before I'm ready.... Jonas is almost nine..... Sol grimaces when I kiss him.... and now this (prepare yourself).....

I don't argue when my older two ask for their ultra short, maintenance free hair cuts each summer, but my Abe, I can't do it.  His ratty locks are my favorite, oh how his eyes mischievously twinkle from behind those bangs, and I love tucking a tuft behind his ear when I brush it from his eyes.  But now.... gone.... and with it he embarks even further into boyhood leaving babyhood rapidly behind. 

He watched his brothers shed their messy tresses, peering enviously from under his own untidy mane, and despite his desire, held back from even asking, knowing that I love his long hair.  Really I had not choice but to painfully give permission, if at four he is already selfless enough to not even ask, I think at 35 I can surrender control on his hair choice.  I took one last picture, and then excused myself, I knew his hair cut would age him far more than I was ready to see.

It's only a haircut..... or is it?  Already this week I felt useless with no one to carry at hiking group.  Everyday the household becomes a little more independent.  Some independence I'm ready to welcome, like cutting your own waffles, tying your own shoes, or even wiping your own bum.... but maybe others can wait?

I think I'll always miss his long hair, but I've adjusted and realized it's still me he reaches for in the middle of the night, and it's my name he calls when he needs to be comforted..... and Jonas still holds my hand when we go out.... and even my mature six year old Sol asks for a bed time kiss, even if he discretely wipes it off when he thinks I'm not looking..... and..... how long does it take for a buzz cut to grow out?????? 

Friday, June 6, 2014


Yep..... it's summer.

Joining Mamabyrd in her weekly impressions post.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Garden Journal

This week in my garden.....  Every seed has found it's warm and cozy spot in the ground.....

The tomatoes are planted and staying warm.....

And even though no signs of growth yet..... I did find something crazy growing in my corn.... Oh wait that's just Trigger.

And if any of you have been wondering I finished my project, and I think it came out great....

What a fun spot for the 'Huntsville Gang' to hang out....

If your 'lucky when you 'stop' by you might be able to snag one of the hammock spots....

The best part of this project was it's price tag..... $0, it was made from what I could gather from the garage and yard.  Leftover fencing from a friend, paint pulled from my stash, logs that litter my yard.  I love that each horse shoe was discovered while digging in the yard.  And I'm so glad that our camping hammocks are getting a steady use.     

The perfect place to play checkers, lazily read a book, eat lunch, and play with friends, but remember your bug spray, because mosquitoes thrive here.  Project complete.... success!  And what for next week, I guess you'll have to check in if you want to see what happens with this....


Less Practical.... More Fun

'I'm painting the house'.... 'I'm building in our grill'.... 'I'm tearing out a wall'..... 'I'm adding another flower bed'.... sometimes I tell him my plans, but mostly..... I don't.  I can't say that working in stealth mode always falls in my favor... there was that one time.... oh boy.... that was awful.... really I was just trying to save him from a weekend project.... I guess I missed the mark.  Monte works long and hard, and there's even a few months of the year that the kids and I barely see him during waking hours, so I wish he would just see my work as a gift or a favor.

Maybe he'd like my finished projects more if they were a bit more practical.  More practical, like finishing the electrical in the garage, or fixing the old plumbing in the house.... but those projects sound so boring, and I'm pretty sure they'd need my full attention, so letting the kids help out probably wouldn't be a good idea?  Besides I think crooked little fences and stacked concrete planters are functional and practical.... right?  I can swing a hammer and use a drill, I even bought my own chop saw at a yard sale for $12.  So I'll take my obvious lack of patience, and go to work. 

This last project had the potential to totally backfire on me.  I'll admit I was nervous when I heard his truck pull in the driveway... but there was no going back.... I'd already cut out the section of the fence.... deep breath.....cross fingers (and toes)..... and hope for the best.  Was he mad that I had asked my brother to come up and help me with the bobcat, that I'd rented to move the pile of dirt from in front of the pond to the back fence, to make a ramp into the back field, and a view of the pond from the kitchen window ????...... Maybeee.......aaaaaaaaa......liiiittlllle?

It was a little sneaky.... but I had told him I was going to be doing some work in the back field, a remodel of the old castle I'd built for Jo a couple of years ago.  I'd even told him I was dreaming up ways to create an old mining town out back..... I guess I'd left out the part about the bobcat and ramp.  But even though there was some tense moments, followed by some awkward moments, in the end Monte couldn't deny that the pond looked pretty good from the kitchen window.

After a bit of a clean up I think phase one of this project will be complete.  Now what about phase two, three, and four (or five, six, and seven)?  I think the view will look even better with a chunky arbor to frame it out.   And if I'm going to build an arbor, I'll need a gate on it... totally functionally of course.  And the ramp will need some work.... obviously.... oh yeah.... and I can't forget about my little mining town.... it'll need a wooden walkway and a water tower..... (more to come!)