Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On the Second Day of Chris-Gathering my True Love Gave to Me....

Alright so I obviously don't know my Christmas carols as well as I thought I did.  Shortly after yesterday's post I realized that it was "two turtle doves", and not "two calling birds".  So maybe I won't be topping the charts any time soon, but I came up with something new instead of "two crafty birds", and here it is.

On the second day of Chris-Gathering my true love gave to me......

Two sorta doves, 

and a full basket under a tree!

We are two days closer to Saturday, and still three more verses to go, so although I know most of you are on the edge of your seat to hear the rest of the song, you'll have to wait.  But because I am not totally heartless, I'll give you a clue, tomorrows verse rhymes with "tree bench dens". 

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