Friday, December 20, 2013

An Answer

"Mom, mom, time to wake up, I need to get ready for school.  I got up early, so can you help me find something Christmasy to wear to school today, I'm so excited.  I'll go hop in the shower, and I don't think I should have sugar this morning, so maybe just some toast."  I blinked, rubbed my eyes a few times, and tried to figure out what was going on, was this a dream?  Nope, this was actually happening, Jonas was up, and showering, and totally going to be ready for school, SUCCESS!

I have found the answer to getting Jo off to school with ease, keep him home a couple of days thanks to a stomach bug, and then send him back the day of the school Christmas party.  Sol even broke his shower hiatus, in his excitement.  They got to go to school together this morning, the whole school meets in the gym to sing carols around the school Christmas tree, what a fun memory for them.

Only thing hectic this morning is when I couldn't find a shirt that met Jonas's approval.  I can't just layer a couple of red and green shirts, he needs something more..... "Christmasy".  A shirt is easy after last years pants, the ones he just needed, I just didn't know the importance until the night before (good thing they still fit), I'm grateful for a decent fabric stash.  Almost done, now just his Santa jacket, and of course his "Flippy" (thanks Grandma Tilly), who from a previous demand already had his own small Santa hat.

Well I gotta go, I've got a caroling party to attend, I'm sure I'll see Sol and Jo too, he's kind of hard to miss!

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