Friday, July 24, 2015

Garden Journal

Sooooo, I've never lead any to believe that any part of my garden is manicured, however this year it's 'wildness' has reached a new level.  I've had intentions to thin things out, but our schedule has kept me from the garden more than I have liked.  Only now that a summer cold has seemed to hit the family with full force, have I felt that I have the time to slow things down (hence three blog posts in one day).  Finding the balance in the summer is a struggle... how much to work and how much to play.... especially when Monte has busy weeks (He hit 40 hours on Tuesday this week.... current hour tally for the week... 84, and we still have two more days... at least he's avoided our summer cold).  Busy schedules has put a hold on our plan to road trip it to the coast this next week.  With the need for a break, I think a week with no schedule is what we need.... maybe now I'll get more time in the garden, although don't get your hopes up if your looking for a more manicured change.

As for the changes, growth, and goings on in the garden this week....

We've finally started picking zucchini off of our huge plants
Rasberry harvesting brings all to help (you get to eat what you pick), especially Abe, who is the most dedicated to fully immersing himself into the plants (can you spot him???)
Clothing has been optional

We've enjoyed the company of some feathered friends like....
Lucy, our goose that really did follow Sol home from the river bottoms
Bob, who quickly learned that he stands a good chance of getting handouts from the garden (he loves the rasberries too), he's my right hand man(woman) when I'm thinning anything (even the teeny tiny carrots).  I think he's (she's) almost as excited about the our ripening tomatoes & peppers as I am.

I've been grateful for the company in the garden this last week, and I'm looking forward to some more in the weeks to come.... I'm just not sure what to do about Bob and his (her) decisions that we are his new flock.... Now when we leave the house besides turning off lights and closing windows, we also must check the house for chickens (he likes to hang out under the table... after he's cleaned up any crumbs).... what exactly would happen if a chicken was left in the house alone ???? I don't think I want to find out... Until our next update.... Happy Gardening!

Yes he is sleeping

Recent Finds

I don't often do 'recent finds' posts, but when a recent find pertains to a new family matter it warrants it's own post.  Meet Watey (not Otty, or Walley, but Watey... because he likes water).  Abe picked up Watey at this years Ogden Valley Charity Yard Sale, and they have been almost inseparable since that time.  I like Watey.... even though I think he had something to do with the sudden separation of Owy the Owl and Monkey Pants.... Abe however informed me that Owy the Owl and Monkey Pant's relationship has been rocky for months now.... I guess I'll just try and stay out of it.    

Besides Watey we've had some other great finds (especially since I've only been to a small amount of yard sales this summer)..... A great new/old handle for our outdoor shower, I was really hoping to find something like this since it's recent updating (you can now flush the toilet or wash your hand in the house and not get scalded outside), it's funny how fast Monte can make improvements on this shower, he's even added another shower head to encourage company (Men are simple minded creatures).... that being said, it really is the nicest shower in (or out) the house.  

I found this great old cupboard... I don't know what to do with it, but at $4 I couldn't leave it behind.  Also making a favorite find is a great little chick plate..... I have a feeling it's new made to look old, but I'm not a purest, and I love it!

Sending positive treasure hunting energy to all of you who are in need... and I'm looking forward to see what favorites you may find... Happy Hunting!!!


Two-night, we rode the two blocks, on two wheels, for our last two hours of baseball.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Garden Journal

In the garden this week.....

We've eaten bowls of rasberries

Anxiously watched tomato plants fill with tomatoes & hope for signs of ripening

Watched squash plants get larger & larger, still with no starts (what does this mean??)

Spotted our first blooming sunflower

(ME) Patiently handled the tricks of three tiny tricksters & their creepy rubber snake

Glutinously made and drank gallons of mint & lavender sun tea

Shared the excitement of one five year old and his moth discovery

Abe showing Bob (& Trigger) his moth.... and yes that is a man bun.... if only he'd let me cut his hair
Over watering in preparation for a quick trip with Grandma & Grandpa to Jackson Hole by way of Lava Hot Springs

Sunken Botanical Garden in Lava Hot Springs

Some Grandma love & comfort after a fall

We LOVED the Bar J Ranch Chuckwagon Supper & Show
Handsome Stewart Men
I hope everyday that we loose those mirrored sunglasses..... maybe tomorrow I'll get lucky
Slowed life just slightly to soak in a little bit of summer....

 Happy Gardening!!!

Double Digits

His arrival changed our lives forever.... all for the better.  This year he hit the double digits, I feel lucky that I got to celebrate it with him.  He's always been my swim buddy, so it was fitting that he wanted to go to the beach on his big day. 

We wrapped up the day with a late over outdoor movie..... at ten he's old enough to have a party until 10:30.... but still young enough to not even think twice about his invite list.  Boys, girls, younger & older siblings all got an invite.... I'm not looking forward to the day when it's a true boy/girl party (which with Jo could be high school, no complaints here).  

What a success.... Love you Jo & Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Garden Journal

There has been much growth in the garden in the last couple of weeks.  I think I've missed my window to properly thin out any plants.  I'm certain it'll be another year with waaaaaay to much squash and zucchini.


What do you think, too much zucchini????
Besides my internal struggle with pulling out plants, there is another reason for my resisssssstance.... snakes!  They seem to be in abundance this year..... walking out to the garden,snake.... out to the back field, snake.... over our little bridge to the side yard, two snakes.... can you understand my hesitance to reach into anything leafy?????   So this year everything is a little fuller, and weeds will be ignored.... even more.

Can you find the snake in the picture????  The rocks are their favorite... but really what's a western/mining town without a few snakes.... and look how nicely all the plants are filling in.
 I don't think I'll get any peas.... not with all the heat (hottest June on record..... did you know that I don't have air conditioning?!?).

The green house is approaching completion.... maybe if we get a day under 100 degrees we'll muster the energy to finish it up (did I mention no air conditioning?!??).

We did get a new neighbor..... Mr. Thistlebottom.... I've told the boys he prefers his privacy and tends to keep to himself.... it doesn't stop them however from trying to sneak a glimpse..... I think I'll look for an old hollowed log for a mailbox, it'll be the perfect house warming gift (all recycled junk wood was used in the construction of Mr. Thistlebottom's home).

Also in the garden..... Jo's perfecting his cartwheel, Abe's finding baby magpies, baby robins, a noisy woodpecker, and a swinging chicken, all while he was supposed to be joining Sol in the shower, and Monte and I scored a free picnic table while in Park City this last weekend (first weekend ever away from the kids, 16 years).....  so despite Abe being a little smelly it's been a great couple of weeks in the garden!

Please don't tell Sol you saw his bum... he'll never forgive me.... If I knew how to blurr it out I would... and I couldn't resist taking the picture it's the perfect example of how well Abe stays on task... especially when it comes to bathing.