Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Painting Jobs

Sometimes I find a piece of furniture that needs just a bit of cleaning before adding it to gathering treasures, other times it is the complete opposite.  After cleaning, fixing, sanding, and then a first coat of paint, I realize that my original vision is just not there.  I eventually work something out, but I don't entirely know if what I've done was worth my time.   A perfect example was this cute vintage footstool, I thought it would be a fairly simple redo, and although I'm happy with the end result, it wasn't and easy task.

Now I'm working on this desk, and I'm not loving the blue, think I'm going to go white (funny that always seems the best), what do you think?

And sometimes you find the things that barely need any work at all.

I guess it's a little like life, it's just too bad that life can't have a little more of cute vintage glass door front cupboards.



  1. I love that vintage cabinet! I tried texting you about it from the number on your ksl ad, but the number was invalid. Do you have another number? Cute furniture!

    1. Sorry the number was my home number, I actually don't own a cell phone. Thanks for looking!

  2. I can't wait till Saturday's gathering, I hope I've chased my cold away by then.
    You have been busy, I think the blue desk looks great! But you know me, I have a hard
    time painting anything white.

  3. The forum posting is a unique and interesting job!