Friday, December 13, 2013

Ahhhhh - Haaaa Moments

That's strange where did that come from?

We've all had those moments, the moments when everything becomes clear,

What's this wet spot from ...... and what's the cat doing in the house, Ahhh Haaa.  Why is every roll of tape in the house empty....... How cute Sol's wrapped all his presents he got from the school store, Ahhh Haaa.  Hey has anyone seen what happened to all those boxes I've been Saving........ Mom, come see what we've made, Ahhh Haaa.  Why is there a giant bed in the middle of the front room.......Hey did everyone hear Mom's calling it a sick day, Ahhh Haaa.


It's funny how quickly pets become part of the family.  Our little dog Trigger hasn't even been here a year but he fits right in.  He's no lab or retriever, not what I would call a "cool" dog but when he grabbed me with his long legged front paws (literally grabbed, he uses those paws like hands, even opens the front door, and climbs fences) at an adoption fair, I knew he'd be the one to take home.  He had some big shoes (or would it be a collar) to fill, after losing our sweet little dog earlier in the year, but he's been amazing.

You can imagine my concern when he started constantly belching slimy yellow what looked like bile on a regular basis.  Jump off the couch, belch, take off running, belch, wake me up in the middle of the night, belch, he was always trying to make it outside, but just couldn't keep it together.  I was worried, I really thought something was wrong with him, but wait before you worry about him, here comes that Ahhh Haaa moment.

Want to here some exciting news, found out our little hens we hatched this summer finally started laying and I think they have been for a while (are you saying Ahhh Haaa yet).

I wonder how many of those tiny eggs it will take to make an omelet?
We let our chickens roam during the day, sometimes they lay in strange places, it can take us a while to find these places, and if we do there can be a huge clutch of eggs.  Funny thing happened the other day, found a frozen egg on the front porch, thought possibly because the chickens hang out there sometimes it was laid there, still strange, I know it's been cold but it shouldn't be frozen yet (Ahhh Haaaaing).

I'm not sure why they do this, curiosity and warmth?  The big one is Nana, I've rescued her from the jaws of dogs twice, and a few late night attacks from who knows what, she's a tough old hen.
A couple of days later I solved the frozen egg on the porch mystery, when Trigger tried to sneak past with a frozen egg in his mouth.......Ahhhhhh Haaaaaa.  All that slimy yellow bile, not really bile, egg, apparently Trigger is better at egg hunting then we thought, he's been gorging himself sick on eggs for weeks, probably found some old deserted clutches too.  Typical dog, glad he's okay, what would I do without my only late night friend.  Guess I got to brave the cold and find what's left of the eggs, keep Trigger healthy for the holidays, speaking of holidays, if only I could find that bag of peppermint sticks...... Ahhhhh Haaaaa.       

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