Saturday, January 11, 2014


A typical night at home, spaghetti for dinner, light conversation, maybe even a little t.v., then it's off to bed, goodnight to another uneventful evening.  There is one thing however that can completely change all of that.  This thing has nothing to do with what's on the menu, or even anything that comes after that, it's a simple invite, an invite to friends.  Friends mean your plain spaghetti diner becomes a diner party, and your light conversation gets a bit more interesting.  Friendships new and old (another shout out), each one so different but lovingly cherished.   Even the friendships that have weakened or even broke remain special to me.  Friends are like magic, they transform the normal into the extraordinary.  A movie watched with brothers, pretty entertaining, but throw in a few extra friends, and seats are made, popcorn is popped, and ticket stubs are needed, a child made family room movie theater becomes the norm.
Yesterday we had a random day off from school, given the large amount of new snow we got, we thought it would be the perfect day to go sledding.  Word spreads fast among friends, our simple sledding outing quickly became an all day sledding party.  It was a fun day spent with friends, sledding, building, playing, eating, laughing and lingering.  I love watching my children play with their friends.  They nurture their friendships the same way I nurture my own, through love, patience, understanding, forgiveness, and pretty importantly fun.  Friends, if your heart is open, are so easily found, you're drawn to each other through a smile, a shared comment, similar interest, or possibly even a college locker room.   

From left to right, not me, my S.F.A.M., Sam, Jo, Abe, Noah

"Are you guys sisters?", I've learned to let her respond to that frequently asked question, "From another mister!", the couple of times I answered no, she'd gasped, let her hand flutter to heart, and then she'd make some sarcastic comment on how she obviously thought more of our friendship then I.  We met over 15 years ago, in college, were we spent our mornings, afternoons, and even sometimes evenings in the college pool (Go Utes!).  There's no better way to get to know someone then sharing a locker room shower (don't interpret this the wrong way).
Even then her pace was slow (not in swimming, there she was really fast), after a long day of practices I'd go to leave the locker room, "Oh are you already leaving?  Just give me a minute, we'll walk out together, I'm almost done.", I'd take a seat and get comfortable, I had a while to wait, she was still in her towel.  Not much has changed, always so peaceful, patient, and calm, her pace allows her to see the beauty in all things, I guess that's why she's an artist.  Her pace forces me to see a different perspective in so many ways.... oh the things I would miss without her.  Her and I so different.... but so much the same.

Our resemblance has remained as we've aged together, the same wrinkles around the eyes, our once blonde locks now darkened a couple of shades, our weight fluctuations seem to follow similar patterns, and even with our growth in years we've gained no knowledge of makeup, or current popular hair styles.  Both with three little ones, both married young just a year apart, both sharing pregnancies, both living in the same small town (that took some convincing), and still both continuing to nurture our aging and growing friendship.  She's become the second mother to my children, she never tells them no, they've learned where to go to ask for seconds on ice cream.  Our children mirror each other in age, and so they too mirror our friendship.

Our oldests Abby and Jo, their friendship is that of a brother and sister, they embarrassingly giggle when we tell them they used to bathe together.  Still, they share excitement over sitting next to each other in their 3rd grade class.  Jo even openly admits that she is the cutest girl in the class, but purely an observation, his school boy crush is that of another (I'm sworn to secrecy to never tell).  I hope their relationship far surpasses societies standard of boy/girl friendships.  Next is Noah and Sol, they play so well together, tinkering with Legos and other toys, you often won't see them for hours, only emerging for a snack or a bathroom break.  They're friendship is so easygoing, they're completely content just being side by side in their play.  Really I've saved the best for last, Sam and Abe, they've been playmates most of their life, and at three there is no hesitation when you ask, Who's your best bud?  Sam, although only a few months older then Abe, towers over him in size, he's always so quick to apologize when his play is a bit too rough for my gentle spirited boy.  I have no doubt he'll be the first to challenge the one who bullies his petite, tender hearted friend.  Even our husbands have a strong friendship after close to 20 years. 

I guess I have no more time to reminisce about the value of friendships, I've got kids to tend to and diner to make.....what to have.....maybe tacos..... but one simple phone call and taco night can be..... a FIESTA, one where all five of us can have our own La Cucaracha dance partner.

Friends like magic.....Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump.....


  1. Some things go together--you two most certainly do. How very lucky you guys are to live so close to each other.
    Hey, I'm dying to know--were these pictures taken with your new camera? They are beautiful. Snow is such a great backdrop.

    1. I know your missing your S.F.A.M., we could easily make it S.s.F.A.M., if we could only get you to move to Huntsville. Same old camera, the other is still in the box, I can't seem to make a decision. Just great overcast lighting and the snow backdrop to credit.