Thursday, August 14, 2014

Garden Journal

9:30 am, that is the only real time schedule we've kept all summer.  You may wonder what happens at 9:30.... chores begin.... swimming lessons.... reading group at the library.... organized family breakfast????  No, nope, natta, not even close.  9:30 is the time the television goes off for the day.  Now before you judge me for letting my children get a healthy dose of screen time so early in the morning, give me a moment to explain.  First, most mornings my children don't venture out of bed before nine (one rarely makes it out of bed before 10:00), so that dramatically cuts screen time.  Breakfast is also during this time so I consider this multitasking.  And lastly, thanks to Lucky Charms and 'Avatar the Last Airbender', I'm rewarded with a couple of  hours each morning to get things done without interruptions.   

I'm always optimistic about how this time will be spent... laundry, running, phone calls, dusting.  But in all actuality it's usually time spent lazily dreaming and wandering. 

It's during these wanderings however that I refuel my spirit and find my loves.  Gardening usually falls during this time.  I wish (but not really) I could pull more than a few weeds before I get sidetracked with a new pumpkin sprout.  Or I could till a bit more soil before I notice that my corn has gotten taller than my funny skinny scarecrow friend. 

Or even finish pruning before I spot a new swash amongst the huge leaves.

Stay on task.... but the buzzing bees are so distracting and really how can I concentrate when my flowers are looking so lovely.

So with much enjoyment I give in and tour the yard for what's new.  Sure, I dream of new plans and discover new blooms, but most mornings I unearth the leftovers from yesterday's adventures.

Off road mountain triking....

Combat in the garden....

Broom flying....

Scare mom with the rubber snake.... yes it worked.... but only the first time....

Collections from the beach.....

Enough dirty laundry to cloth a family of eight....

Turnips.... wait where did those come from??????

And shoes.... when I counted this morning there was six and a half pairs..... I'm not even certain if they all belong to us.....

  Well.... it's 9:28... guess it's time to get a start on the day, be productive and stay on task.... if only I could find the other half to my my favorite flip flops?????

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Garden Journal

Alright so I know if I eat too many carrots I'll turn orange, or if I over do it with the garlic I'll have somewhat of a pungent body odor, and too many grapes.... well we've all made that mistake once or twice.  But what what about zucchini or squash, is it possible to overdose?  Well I'm well on my way, and taking the family with me.  Fried zucchini, raw zucchini, grilled zucchini, zucchini kabobs, zucchini bread, zucchini stir fry, zucchini noodles, and ditto with the squash.  Might as well use it up while we have it, but I have to admit the novelty has definitely worn off, too bad the pickings haven't done the same.  I guess it's time to start (actually I've been doing this from the beginning) leaving it welcomely or unwelcomely on neighbors doorsteps.

Most of the work in the garden this week has been done by the bees.... well, the bees and the overwhelming  production of green and yellow tubular vegetables done by one large leafed plant.  It's actually been a little dangerous to venture near the hyssop and bee balm these days.

Watching the bees busily gathering what they'll need for their own winter stores, has inspired me to do some gathering of my own.  Poppy seeds, and columbine seeds probably aren't as valuable as honey for winter stores, but I figure assisting in the reseeding of flowers has got to fit into the honey making process somewhere.... right?

I finally let the boys pick the peas.  I think their funny appearance (the peas not the boys) is the result of my late planting date.  Funny looking (again... the peas not the boys) or not, they still tasted pretty good.

Gardening is always a waiting game, but we've got plenty to do while we wait.  There's no lack of things to do around the house, but really it's the call of the great outdoors that keeps us busy the most.  And with only one full week of summer before the boys head back to school we'd better pick up our pace. 


Friday, August 1, 2014