Friday, March 27, 2015


I over heard him telling this to some friends:

'Guess what my Mom has a six pack...'
I was only momentarily stunned at what I had just heard....  'JONAS!!!  What are you... Who have you... Why have you?!?!'
He giggled at my confrontation...... 'Jo tell me, how many other people have you told this to ?!?'
(more giggling).... 'Mom... listen... this is only making both of us more popular....'
It is a valid point..... he could be telling them much worse.... well than.... I guess.... don't forget to tell them about my snake tattoo on my ripped bulging biceps.... KAPOW.... and my laser shooting eyes.... ZIP ZAP!!!!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015


Jo..... checkin' out one good lookin' chick! 

Joining Mamabyrd and others in their weekly Impressions posts.

Friday, March 13, 2015


It's one of my rules, like no jumping on the couch (yeah right), and no (plastic) weapons at the dinner table.  There are NO.... STICKS.... ALLOWED.... IN.... THE.... HOUSE (unless I find a really cool one.... than that's different).
           'But this stick is my warrior sword!!!!'
                                    'But I neeeeeeed this stick for the next time we go hiking!'
                                                  'This stick isn't for me, it's for Owy the Owl, and she lives in my room.'

Nope, no way, and nice try (working my soft spot for Owy the Owl is a great angle).  The sticks stay outside.  I imagine our house would start resembling a magpie nest if I didn't set some boundaries.  That rule is the reason this pile welcomes us on the front porch each day (you should see the one at the back door)...... and it's only March.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Last week when they arrived home from school on this day there was a flurry of backpacks, snow pants, and boots.  This week upon arrival there was a flurry of backpacks, skateboards, and bikes.  I manage to yell out something about 'Not too long', or 'Remember you have homework', and then the house is quite.  I always seem to forget to ask where they are headed, not that it would do much good, I don't think they really know until they get there.  So an hour or so later I hit the streets, with camera in hand, and my ears as my best guide.  

 Last week I'm sure the river bottoms wasn't their first sledding stop, but looks like it was their best. 

And this week some fairly new asphalt is just too tempting not to stop for some smooooooth riding (Huntsville is NOT known for smooth roads).

My vagabond children..... what an adventure.... I guess for this reason I'm glad we don't live by the ocean.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Eight.... that's how many pillow case bags we have full of dress up. With holidays, book dress ups, and three imaginative young boys I think we average two new costumes a month, sooooo I don't ever see that number decreasing.  Meet Blizz from the book 'The Yeti Files', he'll be a great addition.

Joining Mamabyrd & others in their weekly Impressions posts.  

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