Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Favorites

What a beautiful day, isn't Christmas great?  A day hopefully spent with those you love, sharing and doing the things you love.  So as the day draws to a close, I reflect on some of our favorites.

Abe's Top Three
-Chocolate for breakfast (and a morning snack, and a before lunch snack, and a after lunch snack, and an afternoon snack....)
-New super hero dress ups (even the one your big brother gave you made from an old t-shirt)
-A older brother with similar taste in toys

Sol's Top Three
-Jellybeans for breakfast
-A plethora of new Power Ranger zords & accessories (including a new 200 page coloring book to fill, already down five pages)
-A little brother with similar taste in toys

Jo's Top Three
-Tape Gum ("Mom, I'm going to chew so much that there isn't enough room for my tongue.", which he did, eventually had to spit it out, was the size of a golf ball.)
-The one and only thing on his wish list that he seriously wanted, a fart gun, and yes I've already grown tired of it
-Testing out his favorite present in the hot tub

Watch out Jo, it's a sea monster..... oh wait.....oops my bad, it's just your Uncle Matt

Trigger's Top Three (I wasn't going to forget him)
-A Christmas stocking full of treats
-Three new toys (Thanks Chelsee)
-A new bed to sleep in on Christmas Eve (hope you two enjoyed his company)

Monte's Top Three
-A large crock pot of shrimp creole
-New ski attire (It's about time, he's a bit overdue, finally coming to terms with going up a size, at least he'll finally be able to bend over and not pop a button.)
-My gossip magazines (Alright, so they're my guilty pleasure, only get them in my stocking at Christmas, funny thing is Monte spends more time looking at them then I do, probably has something to do with Kim Kardashian in a bikini on the cover)

Syrina's Top Three
-An intimate Christmas Eve gathering with close friends and a visit from a special Santa (Thanks Bub)
-Two extra helpers on Christmas eve, and Christmas day, great to have family here, don't know what I'd do without them (once again, thanks Bub & Heidi, love you guys)
-Thoughtful gifts, including but not limited to..... one completed quilt, not one but two new can openers (thanks McDonald clan, I get the hint), two new Sudoku books, a carved wooden bowl, a handpicked yellow pouch ("Mom, I found you something yellow, cause it's your favorite!), and how could I ever forget this awesome key chain and bracelet, both bought from the school mini store.

Hope your day was full of favorites.....Happy Holidays!

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