Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our Nativity

The curtain was up, the lights dimmed, and the stage set, and where was I, behind the scenes trying desperately to convince our beautiful angel that she didn't want to be Mary.  I had gone about casting our pre-school nativity like any body else would for a small group of three year olds, plain common sense.  Our strongest and biggest boy is Joseph, who else can pull our little wooden donkey carrying one expecting Mary across the stage.  Our angel, obviously our most out spoken pre-schooler, the angel is the only character with lines to share.  Our lovely Mary, a bonus that she has dark hair, but really with only two girls in the class it was an easy decision.  And for the little ones who love treasure, let's make them the Wise Men.  Add in a few older siblings for the shepherds and Narrators, and it was a perfect cast.

I did convince our sweet angel to enter stage right, and after that things went without any other hitches, even when baby Jesus was wrapped in "swatting cloths" and the shepherds were "testing their sheep".  I later heard the show described  as "magical", and really I'm not surprised, I mean I did see most the action through the curtain, with my backstage pass and all.  It was a special night, and I couldn't think of a better crew to not only represent this extraordinary event, but also remind us what this holiday season is really about.  May your Holiday be filled with love and magical moments.       


  1. I love this picture!!! I selfishly volunteered to "produce" our ward nativity this year. They weren't going to do one and I knew Ben would be so disappointed, so I raised my hand and three weeks later I was whispering behind the curtain too. Isn't it so beautiful? It's my favorite part of Christmas.

    1. I wish I could take some artistic credit for the picture looking the way it does, but really I'm just trying to keep the faces of my little class somewhat private, I don't want to upset any parents. I'm sure your nativity was amazing, this tradition has become one of my favorites, I love it! I thought of you last night during our Christmas Eve visit from my Brother Santa, I hope your Christmas was great, miss you guys, and hopeful to see you when you visit!