Saturday, December 14, 2013

Aloha Hawkeye

No I haven't given up as a mother, this is the way that my three year old dresses.  He has drawers full of totally acceptable winter cloths, but this is what he chooses.  Funny thing about his shorts, is that they used to be pants, I made a pair for each of the boys a couple of years ago, out of an old Hawaiian shirt of my dad's (3 pair of pants from one shirt, glad that my father was a big man).  I haven't really seen the need to pull this pair of "shorts" from his drawer, being a family heirloom and all, so they make an appearance at least once a week.  Homemade pants (good thing he has a few, especially the reversibles, thanks Sara), a shabby superhero top, and no outfit is complete without at least one superhero accessory, that's our fashion (most days I'm just glad it's not a hulk costume).

Okay so I guess I'm a little laxed with the locks, but what do you do with super fine, straight hair?  I couldn't cut it, he likes it long, "like Thor" he says (Thor..... yes please).  Whenever I comb it I tell him this story about his "rats nest".

Did you know that Peter the rat sleeps in your hair at night?  Yep, he crawls up the side of the house, through the window, and makes a nice cozy spot in the back of your hair, right here.  Then he sleeps there through the night, and right before you wake up, he hurries and climbs back through the window, down the side of the house, and back into the yard.

The idea of a rat sleeping in your hair would probably frighten most children, but not my Abe, he loves the idea, tells strangers the story all the time.  They smile and glance at me nervously, to which I just nod and help point to the exact place Peter the Rat sleeps.

It's supposed to warm up, may even get into the 20's, I wonder what my fashion forward boy will pull from his drawer to wear tomorrow?     


  1. He is so funny. I'm sorry I didn't make it the Huntsville Gathering, we had scheduled our family photo shoot and it took a little longer than planned. Hope it went well.

    1. Don't even worry about it, the weather was pretty bad. Anyhow I heard the news and I can't decide if I'm a little jealous or grateful, either way congrats, what a blessing to you, your family, and your new addition!