Friday, February 28, 2014


Three to six.... I was nervous.... so were they...... but all for nothing.... it was like a super sized play date.

I'm joining my good friend, Mamabyrd, in her Friday 'Impressions' posts.  She's opening up this part of her blog to anyone who would like to participate.  Just leave a link to your blog or website in the comments.  If something in your week left an impression on you, feel free to share it here or there.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mom's Impression

I glance at the calendar, February 27th, another year gone by, are we already at three?  I reactively swallow, attempting to rid myself of the familiar lump in my throat, a lump that’s seemingly smaller with each passing year.  I wonder, will someday there be no lump to swallow, and when it’s gone will I miss it?

‘This house is no longer part of where I’m going… I’m ready…. ready to move on to the next stage of my life.’  So with no final look, the last box was loaded, and you ‘moved on’, leaving behind the place you’d called home for the last 30 years.  Your statement so tense and abrupt, until you reached the last words then they seemed to softened almost as if you’d found your peace.  It was those words that haunted me the weeks following your death.  Where exactly did you think you were going, and to what stage were moving on to…. Did you sense something coming that we all missed?  

It would explain so much if you did.  Finances in order, belongings sorted, thinned, boxed, and stored, home sold, no loose ends.  You’d taken care of us until your very end, nothing left to worry about but casket color, flower choices….. and…. one more.  Your promised plan, can you remember?  

He tearfully said it over and over, 'Mom this is a really sad day.'

Dear Nana, I love you!  I will miss you forever and ever.  -Jo

It was going to be so simple, just one bus stop earlier would leave him just a few footsteps from your front door, the front door we’d found just a couple of blocks from our own, one that could serve as your new address until we figured out the rest.  You’d have a quick visit, maybe a snack, and then send him on his way, while you both excitedly awaited to repeat the same the next day.  He still mentions your plan, ‘It’s not fair, is it mom, we didn’t even get a chance to try.’  Right Jo, not fair, not fair at all.  One night is not enough, not for him, not for us, and not for you, you were ready and wanting a new phase, a phase filled with visits from grandchildren in a small mountain town.    

Your impression on him is so strong.  He remembers so well, your costumes, your games, your affection, all of you.   Jonas and you…. like two peas in a pod.  He was the reason we grew so close.  So close, could I say that we’d become best friends?  No, not quite, I think we all know who really shared that title.  Given your age difference it was eerily strange how much you two had in common.  I watch with curious observant eyes as your presence still loiters in his actions. 

Professor Trelawney, she spent a couple hours casting spells and telling fortunes for small children

A black widow, brewed some potions and shot her silly string spider webs to all who enter her spook lair

Mother Nature, called upon the winds and enchanted little ones who littered

Word mix ups, a need to lead while in play, even his shared taste in worn Christmas attire, all inspired by your presence.  His intense teasing, something we all fall victim to, yes I blame you for this too.  Do you remember the relentless teasing game you’d play?  The one where he’d plead for you to stop, if only his eyes, and smirking smile, weren’t telling you something different.   And there is only one who he could possibly inherit those nonsense words and unreachable disposition when he does get angry.   What about his desire to love and help others?  So often he jumps at the opportunity to serve those in need.  Much like the stories that flooded my mailbox in card and letter form after your death.  Your caring actions inspired so many to write, a desire for them to share their story of your acts of kindness.  Beautiful words from beautiful people, telling me beautiful things, things that I already knew.  What a beautiful impression you have made.   
You always did have a way of making an impression.  Maybe it was your outspoken ways, or possibly your outfit of choice. It could have been your strong drive and ambition, and then there was your temper, darn it if it didn’t get the best of you sometimes.  But what about your intense desire to mother and love, always the first to offer a helping hand.  Up for any challenge, didn’t know the words ‘I quit’, the impossible was only a trial, one you’d eventually conquer.  

So I'm not judging, I wear yoga pants almost every day, but tiger strips and track pants, kind of a weird combo.... right?

I was the one that would dispute your outspoken words, struggle with your drive and ambition, judge your outfit choices, and often argue with that impressionable temper of yours.  Of these things I am not proud, for I was the one that you mothered and loved, the one that you’d first extend a hand to.  It was I that leaned on you, as you whispered ‘Never ever give up!’, words of encouragement  when the trial before me seemed unbeatable.  But are these the things of your impression?  

Maybe for some, but not me, your left impression is far more precious.  An amazing mother, absolutely, I follow your example every day, but it was your role as a grandmother that is the shadow left upon my heart.  A grandmother that books are written, and movies are made.  A grandmother that no other can be, you’ve left shoes behind that sadly are too big to fill. 

She'd happily hold this 'frustrating, screaming, nothing can make him happy' baby for hours, something most could only tolerate for a few moments

I share your stories with my boys, I’ll ‘Never ever give up!’, they’ll never ever forget their ‘Nana’.   Abe, only a baby when you left us, giggles at my descriptions.  Sol smiles and nods as if he remembers, although I think it’s only the stories he remembers, he too was very young.  But Jonas, oh how he remembers, he is the one reminding me of forgotten moments.  For him your impression will linger always, his ‘lump’ will never fade.  So do I know what his remembered impression is…… of course I do..... can you not see..... it is so simple..... for it is the same as mine.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Amazing Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sure we all know that he was wheelchair bound because of his bout with polio, and that he was the president responsible for the New Deal, but did you know that he had a stamp collection totaling over a million, or that he traveled everywhere with his little black dog Fala?  What about his sudden death while in office.  Where was he when he met his untimely death, and who was by his side?  He was getting his portrait painted at his retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia, and it wasn't his strong and ambitious wife Eleanor by his side, but Lucy Mercer, his long time mistress.

I realized a couple of years ago that Jo loves to act.  Give him a character and he completely embraces it.   I don't see us ever sitting in the bleachers chanting 'Jonas, Jonas, Jonas!',  as my skinny boy graciously scores the winning goal or basket.  But where do I see us possibly chanting a hushed 'Jonas, Jonas, Jonas!'?  In a darkened theater, proudly watching my quick witted son give life to his given character.  So with an assigned presidential oral report required in his 3rd grade class, Jo has excitedly prepared for his next staring role.

After some character research Jo decided what facts to present in his F.D.R. performance.  His opening scene finds him in his wheelchair with his little dog Fala on his lap, completely engrossed in his stamp collection.... 'Oh, so sorry, I didn't notice you there,  I was just looking at some of my favorite stamps, you see I love stamp collecting.......  Please excuse me for not getting up, since my bout with polio my lower half has been a bit.... Lazy.'  He then tells the audience to close their eyes and imagine going back in time, 'Don't be afraid, for the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.'  They take a trip back in time, to a time when our wealthy, adulterer, Mama's Boy, F.D.R. was president.  He then flawlessly performs his presidential role, complete with a few side of the mouth secret sharing, like when he randomly whispers.... 'I'm rich!', or while reminiscing about his wedding day he murmurs.... 'Don't tell my mom but I don't think she was quite ready to let me go, maybe that's why her and my wife Eleanor don't get along very well.'  

Before it was all over he'd encouraged his stuffed dog to do a few tricks, joked about being the 'Most Popular President' (only president to serve four terms), and left a subtle undertone of his troubled marriage ('Mom, what's a mistress?).  He did manage to put in a few lines of all the necessary personal, family, and presidential facts.  But it was his dramatic ending that was the clincher, he bids farewell and explains he's on his way to his portrait painting appointment.....then he grabs his head and exclaims, 'Oh my, I don't know if I'm just tired, but suddenly I'm not feeling so well, I feel a terrible headache coming on.'

(sign #1) F.D.R. died that same day while getting his portrait painted.  His 'terrible headache' was a stroke.  He was 63 years old.  (sign #2) And for those of you wondering, his little dog Fala died 7 years later at 12 years old.  He was buried near F.D.R.  (sign #3)  THE END.

He held up those signs proudly, he'd given the performance of a lifetime.

(sign #1) I am so proud of Jonas and his ability to learn, perform, and entertain........  (sign #2) He not only learned from his presidential research, but was also totally interested in the fact that both Pineview Damn and Snowbasin were built as a result of Roosevelt's New Deal....... (sign #3)  THE END

Monday, February 24, 2014


In the basement it was Princess Pirate, her First Mate, and their tiny plastic baby, sliding and spinning.  Upstairs it was some serious Power Ranger play for four ninja pirates.  And pacing from upstairs to down, was two skull wearin' little ones, undecided on which play was more fun.  In all there was eight completely lost in play.  Sure, their was homework to be done, messes to clean, and dinner to eat, but as I listened to Jo sweetly sing to his baby 'Hush little baby don't ye cry Daddy's gonna buy ye a...... skeleton hand for your colleeeeeccctiooooon, Arrrrrr!', I couldn't break up all the silly fun.

We have some exciting house guests this week, I've double the amount of children I have overnight.  With best friend parents on vacation we've transformed a bedroom for three into a bedroom for six.  What busy fun it's been for us all, and I can't think of a better way to keep away the homesick blues than staying busy.  Our amazing library gave us the perfect busy activity tonight, a chance to meet a real pirate, and learn the tricks of the trade.  Oh what to wear?

Problem solved, with a bit of stash searching I was able to find what I needed to make six almost matching pirate vests.  My heart swelled at the excited gratefulness of all six wee mateys.  There was a few hectic moments when I realized a couple of friends had joined them on the walk home from the bus stop, but after six, really what's a couple more?

 We set sail, and after receiving our pirate names (a little abbreviating), Squidlips, Captain, Fluffbucket, Mad Gold, Spike, Mad Bones, and Matey Squiffy,  the rest of our evening was filled with games, stories, map making, and some booty huntin'.  The man behind it all made the night truly magical.  He patiently answered every question and absorbed every silly comment, all in true pirate fashion.

It wasn't without some challenges but we did it..... we ate, we studied, we cleaned, and most importantly we played.  We even made it to our pirate training session with a few minutes to spare, and perfectly dressed for the occasion too.  Worth every challenged moment...... especially when I overheard one sleepy phone conversation, 'And guess what...... he was the real Captain Jack Sparrow.....'
G'nightfall me sleepy lassies, I be wishin' ye slumberin' well!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


He was right, smooth roads are great, but it's the rough mountain roads that take us to the most amazing places.

I'm joining my good friend, Mamabyrd, in her Friday 'Impressions' posts.  She's opening up this part of her blog to anyone who would like to participate.  Just leave a link to your blog or website in the comments.  If something in your week left an impression on you, feel free to share it here or there.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For Their Own Good

'Our only real goal for 2014, is to be a healthier family. ' my exact words, and with that I think that will be my first and last time I ever announce my New Year goal.  Am I cursed?  Since the moment I uttered those words we've been plagued with all things unhealthy.  It's been weeks since I've had a peaceful night sleep due to the constant sneezing, sniffling, coughing, hacking, gagging, and crying from at least one little bed (or big).

So this weekend with one man too sick to leave the house, and despite the fact it was raining, in February, in the mountains, in our little town, I announced to the boys we were doubling up on layers and playing outside.  When the boys questioned me on my decision because of the rain.....

'Well, then wear you galoshes instead of your boots, because we're going out, and it's for your own good.' 

And boy was it.  Yes we were all soaked within a matter of minutes, and yes the snow was horrible for fort building.  But nope our fort did not fall over, and nope I didn't feel bad being the first to come back inside, I'd left three brothers happily playing and fort building outdoors in the crusty wet snow.  It really was for their own good, we'd avoided another weekend cooped up indoors while one family member or another was recovering.

They enjoyed their outdoor rainy adventure in snow fort building.   On Monday when I suggested we dig out a couple of bikes and explore our snowy neighborhood on two wheels, it was only Monte I had to tell 'Come on, it'll be for your own good.'  
We've had some other choices that have been for 'our own good'.  Jonas has finally taken an interest in chores and is trying to save for some sort of extravagant electronic device he saw at a friends house.  He thinks in about a month he'll have enough saved for his several hundred dollar purchase, $100 = 2000 chores given our average pay scale, I'm staying positive he may surprise me.  Interest in chores..... definitely for his own good.

Abe also has informed me that he's now way too big to wear his 'safety diaper' to bed.  He can have his wish, but I've been peed on enough to know that this means it's time for some serious stay in your own bed encouraging.  Staying in his own bed..... for his own good..... right?  I've even done some serious evaluating and made some decisions that I know are for my own good.

Maybe Monte's cold will be the last one for the season?  I doubt it.... so in the mean time, go play outside even if it's cold, snowy, and raining.... be motivated and optimistic about the change you find in the couch..... and don't drink too much water before bed it's never fun to wake up wet and alone..... whatever it is believe me it's all for your own good.      

Monday, February 17, 2014

Loved Baby Wrap

Look what I found tucked in a basket while cleaning my front porch this afternoon.......

It may look like a heap of green fabric, but it's far more than that.  The realization that it has been out of sight and somewhat forgotten for so long, tells me I've left another phase of  motherhood behind.  An internal struggle, as I sadly recognize that it has no current occupant, an undeniable fact that my babes are growing up.  

Baby carriers (in both forms) come in all shapes and sizes, but I've found my favorite is the one made from a simple long strip of fabric.  Something so minimal is something so versatile.  With the right wrapping technique you can hold your 40 pound five year old as easily as you can hold your tiny newborn.

My tiny new Abe, so little only a peek of his head could be seen from under the layers of our wrap.                         
My wrap has carried three little ones.  It's stretched and grown as it's occupants have done the same.  It's traveled from shopping centers to mountain tops.  With just a little rearranging it can give even an older child a chance to hitch a ride to rest tired little legs.  It's been a staple with each baby, one that I'm unsure I'm willing to let go.  The few times it's been forgotten it's wrapping techniques have found substitutes in it's place. 

A couple of years ago somehow our baby wrap didn't make the suitcase on a short trip.  However, who knew that on an early morning run I would stumble across a great second hand store just a few short blocks from our hotel.  It never hurts to just take a look?  So with my absent baby wrap in mind I ventured quickly inside.  Within a few moments and I had found the ideal map printed sheet that I knew with some borrowed scissors and some creative tying could be transformed into the perfect wrap for my chubby 10 month old.  (And because I know a few of you that are interested.... other treasures found at that awesome thrift store.... a few pieces of great pottery, a couple of good books, a cool old ice cream scoop, my favorite soft t-shirt, an amazing vintage scale that now proudly hangs as fruit storage in my kitchen, and a couple of pieces of luggage that I realized we'd need to get everything home.  Alright so I might have stopped there more then once on my morning runs, but it was at the perfect turn around point, and I was regretting some left behind ice skates, never to be found again.  Funny when you find some real treasures, carrying armloads of full shopping bags the mile or so back to your hotel isn't all that awkward or difficult.)  Total cost of my homemade Moby Wrap.... $4.  Just a plain strip of fabric?  I was so grateful for it's simplicity as it got plenty of use over the next several days.   


What a fun find just a short hike off the main road, I think it was even paved, a perfect trail for little legs.

I was glad to find my old green friend, we've shared some great memories.  And after a bit of reminiscing I couldn't resist trying it on, it felt familiar, like an old well loved pair of jeans.  I even had one eager youngster excitedly climb in for a cozy close ride.  Is it time for the cherished baby wrap to join the rest of the treasured sentimental baby heirlooms?  Nope..... not yet..... I think I'll let it 'hang' around a little longer, I'm sure we'll find something to do with it.  

He only relaxed for a minute, then after some intense swinging he decided to climb his wrap hammock to the ceiling, I just pretended not to notice.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a sick day for my big Valentine, at least we'll get to spend some time together, even if it's spent recovering on the couch.  And it looks like someone got the hint, I did get flowers, also in my favorite color, and my favorite kind, the kind I'll hopefully be able to plant in the spring.

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!! 

Some of our handmade Valentines, imagine both Monte's and Sol's surprise when Jo, just fueling the fire between their on going battle of their stand on the better power ranger, had a 'for their eyes only' statement on each one of their cards, for Monte 'Blue Ranger Rules!  Red Ranger Stinks!' and for Sol 'Red Ranger Rules!  Blue Ranger Stinks!'.  Even put some thought on Abe's Valentine, 'Hawk Eye is the best Super Hero!.... EVER!'.  Mine is much less controversial, just a bush, a potted flower, and a giant dancing daisy, I loved them all.

I wonder if our absent minded, not so bright friend, Stupid Cupid will pay us a visit this year?  The boys sure hope he does.  And why shouldn't they, he leaves them a box of goodies at the end of a mixed up scavenger hunt.  And what does he leave me..... just upturned furniture and the remote in the fridge.

Hope your day is full of shared love, affection and friendships.... and possibly one dim witted flying Casanova!

'I Needle Little Valentine Sew I've Chosen you!'   I couldn't help it, I'm a sucker for play on words, I sure hope Monte likes his messaged fleece lined protective ski goggle bag!?!?  And yes I did realize I misspelled 'Choosen', when it's three in the morning when you make that discovery it just doesn't seem all that important.... anyhow I think it adds a little more character and a lot more authenticity.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


We've spent the last couple of days prepping for the big Heart Day.  With our valentines properly addressed we've moved on to more important things....things like love lunch parties with friends.  We spent some time crafting and delivering a few early valentines, playing cupid, eating plenty of treats, and sharing what brings us love.  Family, helping, Moms, stories, playing, hearts, and popcorn all made the love bringing list.

Abe made his Valentine for Sam, I was a little jealous.

The fun continues even after friends have gone home for the day, now we have time to check out what was left in our Valentine's box.  Love notes in the form of  ducks, elephants, and frogs, add in the plentiful sweet candy and Abe's convinced he's found a real treasure chest.  And after Sol's discovery of his preferred Sweetheart's delivered valentine, he's now even more determined to make sure her special valentine is a true piece of art.

Here's some free fashion advice, did you know plaid and strips were the new black?  My fashionista, even put red on for his Valentine's party.
'I'd love to be your....Valemtine?' looks like Sol used her heart shaped note as a spelling guide in the making of his own.

I've completely depleted my pink and red paper stash, looks like I've cut out my last festive heart for the season.  It's hard to believe I use to spend the couple of days prior to Valentine's day worrying only about outfit choices and dinner plans.  These days I'm pretty convinced I'll take homemade paper valentines and dinner at home over flashy gifts and overpriced meals (I did say pretty convinced, and not totally convinced right???).       

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Money Driven

One, two, and three teeth in the front where most of us only have two, that's one extra dollar.

Ways to Earn a Buck (or at least a dime) According to Sol:

-Diligently completing given chores

-Back tickling (this has probably been his most profitable)

-Snow shoveling

-Wishing for a loose tooth (an easy dollar, and being that he has one extra tooth, that's one extra dollar)

- Asking for money instead of dessert (What do you think a cookie is worth?)

-Bringing in wood for the fire

-Awaiting holiday cards with their added $2 bill from his Grandma Tilly (Is St. Patrick's Day card worthy?)

-Bullying others out of a job

-Simply asking Jo for his payment share (A sweet action, but when you don't really care for money it's not much of a sacrifice)

-Helping his Mom with odd jobs.....

My own bad planning often leads to a swim workout done at the wrong time.  My tiny swim system is set up close to the house next to a window that opens as a way of communication between those inside the house and myself.  It's through this window that I get plenty of requests.... 'Mooooom can I have a fruit snack?', 'Mom why does Abe get a fruit snack, can I have one?', 'Mom how come both Jo and Abe had fruit snacks and I didn't, it's not fair..... unless I can have one?', 'Mooooom can I have a juice box?'.........  They realize that requests made through this window are almost always granted, oh what I'll agree to for just a bit more time.  But sometimes I get a request that isn't solved with fruit snacks or juice boxes.

'Mom Abe needs you..... he needs to be wiped.'

SIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHH, and I was so close to being finished, that kid is abnormally regular, if regular is four or five times a day. 

I guess my huge sigh said enough, Sol quickly asked what one wiping would earn him?  Apparantly a quarter is a good deal for one bum wiping of a little brother, because Sol had vanished from the window before I could change my mind.  It's not that I don't trust Sol's wiping skills, and believe me I was super tempted to go ahead and let him earn his quarter, but in the end my conscious got the best of me.  So I cut workout a little short and within a few moments I was making the almost naked, barefooted dash through the snow to the back door.

I found Abe still on the toilet, but he'd been wiped...... well.....mostly.  He then informed me that Sol had started but then told him to stay put and he'd be back to finish.  As Abe finished this sentence Sol walked in, looking like this.....

Evidently poop does stink.  Sol offered to reduce his price to a dime if I'd finish his half completed task, I happily agreed.  Maybe I should share the nose tucked into shirt trick, not nearly as complicated or painful as getting that cloths pin on your nose.

We're excitedly counting the days until our package arrives from Amazon, the package with Sol's Power Ranger Tiger Zord that he worked and saved so hard for.... weeks of carefully charted and completed chores...... all dollars and coins accounted for..... especially that one dime. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Moments spent lingering with friends and family are some of my favorite times.  So with the excuse of a birthday brunch it was a peaceful afternoon spent lingering with beautiful friends just a little longer.

Don't I have the most beautiful friends?

Lingering with shared food and gifts.... ideas and stories...... even the ones about killer whales and dog whisperers.

I hope she'll like her 100% recycled handmade embroidered pillow, made from my old favorite green sweater, for my old favorite green friend.  Even put her lovable, completely naughty,  food swipen', tissue eatin', neurotic dog on his own family tree limb.

 Lingering moments where children play completely unsupervised, and a favorite small baby is shared.

So Happy Birthday to my kind sweet friend, and thank you for the excuse for a lingered afternoon! (all of them)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What is that!

He is the most critical of me, he really looked disgusted when he asked what was wrong with my nose.

I noticed it yesterday afternoon, a small tender red spot on the tip of my nose, but by evening it was so sore I couldn't even crinkle my nostrils without crying out in pain.  I've painfully poked, picked, prodded, and pinched, trying to remedy my swollen red nose.  And to add insult to injury, I've been constantly reminded of my deformatey. 

"Mom what's that on your nose?", "Mom there's something red on your nose.", "Mom why does you nose look like that?", "You could be Rudolph.", "Does it hurt.", "Why is it soooo red?", "Mom you look pretty funny, but don't worry you're not too ugly." (sweet boy, I could have heard that one all day).

Nothing is more humbling than the pure honesty of children.  I've been notified of the size of my backside, educated on the crooked spots of my smile, informed when I have more wrinkles, and reminded when I have stinky breath.  But I've also been complimented on my hair being more beautiful than Tangled, told that even when I'm really mean my face isn't too scary, asked if I'm a princess whenever I wear a skirt or dress, and sweetly enlightened on my looks being comparable to a  flower.

So when Jo decided to add a red dot to his own nose and join his mother in her recovery, I was flattered.  Even Sol, not wanting to be left out asked for his own red mark, and I'm even pretty certain if Abe wasn't under the weather and crashed out on the couch he too would be baring a red spot.  I'm going to assume the best and believe that their red noses are worn not to make fun, but as a thoughtful tribute to their mom. 

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, maybe a red nose isn't so bad, red is the color of passion and love.  And who knows maybe my tender boil is a good distraction from the fact that I never get flowers on this Cupid's holiday (is that a hint, maybe)..... after all who needs 'red roses', when I have 'red noses'. 

a great view of my growing pimple,  I wonder when the boys will be able to keep their eyes open when their trying to cross their eyes?

Thank You Captian Underpants!

His top five favorite things to do in random order (as of this morning):
-Sneak Cookies
-Play with Friends
-Day Dream
-Reading 'Captain Underpants'

Even I am still in shock, reading actually made his top five list.  The last week  it's become a common site to see Jo with a book in hand, one that he is actually reading.  Two things brought on this change, first a promise to help with some wizardly touches in his bedroom space if he completed reading a chapter book, and second the discovery of the 'Captain Underpants' books.  It took only two days for Jo to cash in on my wizard makeover promise.  It was a frenzied magical DIY upgrade, but one worth every muggle moment.

We make plenty of trips to the library, it's a favorite place by everyone in the family, my hope is the same of most mothers, to instill a love for books and reading.  Up until our new 'Captain Underpants' discovery (thanks Sara) Jo spent his time at the library looking at the movies, or back on the computers.  But this weekend it was Jo who insisted on a library stop to get the next book in his newly found favorite book series.

So do I care that these books are the most banned books in America, even beating out 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?  Or the fact that the pages are full of two boys (Harold & George) mischeivious adventures while using......

'offensive language' (completely offensive hilariously funny potty talk),
'partial nudity' (He is Captain Underpants afterall, and his secret weapon, slinging his underpants sometimes even the pair he's wearing, but don't worry he doesn't wear only underwear.... he has a cape too),
'violence' (One chapter is even titled "The Extremely Graphic Violence Chapter", it  comes with the following disclaimer: "WARNING: The following chapter contains graphic scenes showing two boys beating the tar out of a couple of robots. If you have high blood pressure, or if you faint at the sight of motor oil, we strongly urge you to take better care of yourself and stop being such a baby."),  
'misbehavior' (George and Harold play several pranks at school, they're even responsible for the creation of Captain Underpants, through the hypnotizing of their grumpy school principal),
'Blackmail/Threats' (to George and Harold's defense, most of the threats and blackmailing is done by their mean principal, Mr. Krupp, explaining their need to hypnotize him in the first place)?

Nope, not at all, I love the fact that Jonas is smiling and giggling while he reads, I think he's finally found the love.

So thank you George and Harold.  Thank you Dr. Diaper, and the vicious Talking Toilets (yep talking toilets are the villans in the second book, proud to say he's almost finished with).  Thank you Dav Pilkey (author) for your amazingly offensive creations.  Thank you Weber County Library for stocking your shelves with all 10 'Captain Underpants' books.  And lastly, even a thank you to grumply old Mr. Krupp..... other wise known as.....Captain Underpants.

*In case you were wondering I did manage to sneak both books away from Jo, give them a quick read & motherly approval, and I'm not even ashamed to admit that I may be a little excited for the day when Jo brings home the third installment of 'Captain Underpants'