Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Face Book Rules

Alright, so I think I've finally got the hang of the Facebook thing.  Even done my fair share of Facebook snooping, checked out old friends, old boyfriends, old college teammates, even tried to find my brothers ex-wife, cause I knew that would be entertaining (you've all done it, curious to see who's aged better, who's more successful, who's put on more weight, guess what, I'm definitely skinnier then the old high school prom queen).  I'm still a little on the fence, believe me I see all the benefits of Facebook, but what I don't like about it is exactly what I thought I wouldn't.  I already have my vices (did you know that Hallmark plays corny Christmas movies, all night long), and I know that I have an addictive personality, so I knew that Facebook would only add to these problems.

From the beginning I set some rules for myself, check in a couple of times a day, morning and night, that should be enough, but is it?  I feel awful when I do check in and see friends and family writing about sick kids, dying dogs, health issues, and hard times, six hours ago.  They wrote it, needed someone to tell them "everything is going to be okay", and I wasn't there, darn it, I feel like a bad friend.  At that point I can either write a quick comment, click that little "like" button, or scroll on past, because I've already missed the bus.  But (very early) this morning I thought I'd take some time and give it a thorough go through, even made some comments, that's when I found this great "Tips for Busy Moms".  I'm not a huge vinyl sticker sign fan, but I might make an exception for this one.

#1  Lower your standards for cleanliness and order.

Great thing about my children's playroom, is that it is up a flight of stairs only accessible from their bedroom.  People assume that when there bedroom is clean, what's up those stairs is too, so rarely is it ever visited by anyone over the age of 10.

#2  If you can't change them, change your perspective.

Sol came down wearing six weapons this morning.  Abe was so jealous he immediately went to get his own.  Hard to believe I once had a no weapon rule.  Did you read my eating my own words post, pretty much sums it all up. 

#3  You can never have too many Popsicles.

I have an extra freezer and it's only for Popsicles.  Popsicles are completely functional food in our family.  Grab a bag to share with friends on hot summer days at the beach, magic.  Hysteric child, offer a Popsicle, problem solved.  Child that hasn't kept food down for 6 hours, half a Popsicle is the perfect solution, all that glucose helps settle an upset stomach plus give a little boost, and you have to eat it slowly, can only eat it as fast as it melts, medicine for the body and the soul.

#4  Embrace Chaos.

No explanation needed.

#5  Don't buy white furniture.

Precisely why you should not have white furniture, see the round stain between the two of them, that's new, guess it's time to pull out the carpet/steam cleaner, the best investment I've ever made.

#6   Your house will never look like the ones in the magazine, move on.

Magazine worthy, probably never, but I'm a big believer in distracting with the good.  Candles almost always do the trick.  The house looks great you say, everything looks great under candle light, so great you didn't even notice that your currently standing on a set of nun-chucks.

#7  Breathe.

Once again no explanation needed

#8  Noise canceling headphones?  Just yes.

What's that you say, I can't hear you?

#9  One day it will all be funny.

They do this all the time, funny thing, not all "washable" markers are washable.  My children go days with faint mustaches, and uni-brows.  Also see Tender Moments post.

#10  If you have boys your bathroom will always smell faintly of pee.

What about three boys, two of which still don't have the greatest of aim, and one who opts out of the toilet all together.  I promise this will be the one and only time you'll see my child's pee, just thought you might like to see what welcomes me when I go to take a relaxing bath.

#11 No one cares what is stuffed under the bed, NO ONE.

I've known this one since I was a kid.  I even have bed risers so I can cram even more stuff under them.  You can only see our junk when I pull up the blankets, otherwise, out of site, out of mind. 

#12 Get chocolate.

That's a given.

#13 Would you rather do the chores yourself, badger the kids to do it, or let it go.  If your confused about what to do see #1.

I believe that chores are important, it's just about finding the balance.  We've had some epic battles about no free rides in our house, everyone helps out, even if you're three.  My boys have the hardest time cleaning their playroom.  It goes far too long between cleanings, and can take them days to clean it, so one morning I'd had enough and really laid down the law.  I told them I was setting the timer for an hour, if they weren't done after the timer dinged, I was going to spank them (I know mean mom, I never spank, NEVER, but I really didn't think I'd have to, thought for sure this would motivate them enough to get it done).  After an hour I went up and checked, nothing done, I followed through with my threat, and then told them this time I was only setting the timer for a half an hour and if they weren't done, it'd be another spank.  After another half an hour, still nothing really done, spanked them again, and repeated my previous threat.  After a third time of nothing being done, they asked me if they could just take an extra spank and have me help them clean it.  We all smiled when I said sure, and together we picked up their play space.  I learned some valuable lessons that day, first I must not spank all that hard, and second my presence in their life, in any capacity, allows them to be far more successful then being left to do it on their own.  So not only did I badger the kids, I also did the chore, guess I was a little confused, maybe I should have just let it go.  

We're all there, Abe is just in my tummy
Facebook, I get it, it's even become a bit of a guilty pleasure, just forgive me if I haven't "liked" your post yet..... I mean I've got rules to follow??????


  1. Wonderful rules to follow in order to keep one's sanity in check. I remember when and where that last photo was taken. I call those 'the good ole days'.

    1. Those were some great days. I remember those photos too, to bad I didn't remember my photo shoot then, hoodie, stretch pants, glasses, dirty hair, don't know if I even showered that day, good thing my kids are pretty cute.