Saturday, December 21, 2013

Visual Blessings

What did I do for my morning work out?  Swim, nope, run, not that either, put in that dusty yoga video, not even close, I shoveled hundreds of pounds of snow.  I don't really mind, it gives me an excuse to spend time outside, enjoying nature and checking out what wildlife has to offer.  When I'd visited with my friend earlier  she'd told me she needed to go refill her bird feeders, the deer had creeped during the early morning hours and emptied the seed from them.   How beautiful, dozens of birds, and a herd of deer, what would I be visually blessed with this morning while shoveling?  

After grabbing my extremely warm puffy coat, I got straight to work, walks cleared fairly quickly, but the trees, they really needed some help.  I could see that there had already been a few casualties.  This snow was not the kind that Utah is famous for, nothing powdery or light about it.  After giving all the trees a good shaking, I was still waiting to be visually blessed.  Strange it seemed especially quite, and when I thought about it I hadn't seen some of our regular cold hardy feathered friends for a while, must be the extreme temperatures.

I moved on to some of my other concerns, the tramp, pathways to garbage, and then the deck, this was some seriously heavy wet snow.  Tramp done, pathways finished,  I'll for sure see something elevated up on the deck.  I was right, something did catch my eye.  What was it, the flock of wild turkeys that are known to wander the streets of town, the mother porcupine and baby spotted a couple of days prior, what about our resident beaver that lives in our pond?  Nope, nope, and nope, just a scraggly cat, not even our own, oh and look there is another, and another, and another, and another (at least this one is ours, but only kind of), well I guess this explains the lack of birds lately.  What is going on, I gave my best "scat cat" holler and received no reaction, even with my super intimidating puffy coat on.  I can imagine what my cat is saying to his traveling feline friends.... Feel free to stay a while, the chicken scraps are great, the food comes daily from the back door, the garage has plenty of warm spots, and the one that wears the silly puffy coat, is a real sucker, even sneaks me into the house when the big guy is gone.  

Came into the house sweaty, cold, and annoyed.  No visual blessing, just a pack of cats, a handful of chickens, a dog who is completely worthless in the snow (insist on following me everywhere, but in the cold he just sits and shivers miserably), and if you count the surprise I got when opening up the chicken food, a mouse.  And the nerve, I am not, I repeat NOT going to increase the amount of food I put out for that no good, ungrateful, scrap stealin', wearin' out your welcome, CAT!!!..... but did you see that little fluffy cat, the one with the crooked tail, and extra long whiskers..... it was pretty cute the way he pounced through the snow, and I loved the way he wiggled his ears when I was hollering at him, and that crooked little tail.... pretty adorable..... maybe I'll see it when I go out to shovel at lunch....but definitely.....well maybe..... no I'm not going to put any extra food out.... but that tail.... nope...... and those whiskers.... absolutely not.....

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