Thursday, August 6, 2015

Garden Journal

This week in the Garden:

-The garden continues to grow in an unruly tangle of plants.... just like someones hair?!???

-Sunflowers are starting to emerge from all over.... including a basil box & amongst the pumpkin patch (I think this one currently measures over 10 feet.... fingers crossed it doesn't break).

-The zinnias have reached full bloom, which lead me to pull out some pretty sad peas and plant more zinnias in their place.

-I'll soon be harvesting my first ever broccoli crop.

-I harvested a dozen or more zucchinis, even after this weekends feast of 20+ used.... I have a delicious zucchini brownie recipe if anyone is interested?

-Another fort was built and abandoned when wet weather hit.

-I scored a great deal at Lowes, and convinced the nursery guy to let a bunch of Daisy plants go at a REALLY discounted price.... I think it will be an amazing cutting garden ... and maybe I dead headed them early enough that I'll get a second bloom?????

-Another prank has been adverted... Nice try boys, but snakes that size never just appear in the sink.

Better Luck next week boys....... Happy Gardening!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tony Grove

Our trip to the coast was postponed, so instead we decided to take a quick trip to Tony Grove... What a beautiful place, a place where we made a list full of favorites:

-The wildflowers..... A-MAZ-ZING... I have never seen so many wildflowers in bloom at the same time, it was breathtaking.

-Hikes with little brothers.

-The painful realization of not wearing shoes (well... probably not a favorite of Abe's, but a favorite that I captured the moment.... sorry Abe!)

-Wildflowers taller than Trigger.


-Sol making and testing his own raft.... it was a short, wet exploration... he needed to work out a few kinks in his raft construction.

-Woodcarving... a fish, an owl, a number of daggers, and a bandit walking stick.

-The possible discovery of fairy life.

-Wildflowers taller than Abe.



-Rock Climbing.

-Rock Climbing on rocks that look like they are eating a small child.

-Wildflowers taller than both Sol & Jo. 

-Warmth of the morning sun (& a photobombing dog)

-Helping Dad with morning preparations.

-A swim out to a tiny island, in a very cool lake, with a small back riding companion, who informed me half way.... 'Oh yeah, there is no way I am letting my nipples get wet!'.

-Wildflowers taller than Monte.... have I mentioned the wildflowers?!?!

-And lastly.... a return visit to Minnetonka Caves, that went considerably better than our last, when Abe (just a babe) cried 880 of the 888 steps.... Oh how times have changed.

Here's to the hopes of a return visit to Tony Grove and the most memorable wildflower display (I told you about the wildflowers... right?)!!!

A Zucchini Birthday

Dear Bub..... there's a few things I want to make sure you know, now that you are in your 41st year....

#1- You are soooooo loved.... by friends and family, by me, my boys, your wife, even Monte, we love and adore you.

#2-  I can always get you to eat your vegetables.... I hope you enjoyed your zucchini feast this weekend.... zucchini bread, zucchini cobbler, zucchini brownies, fried zucchini, grilled zucchini, and garlic butter zucchini.... Bon Appetit!

#3-  I know you love fishing.... but does it really love you back?  I don't think in all the years you've been fishing I've ever seen you catch a real live fish (including this weekend at Casey), I guess you did have some success on your rare catch of the Zokanee Salmon.

#4-  I will always happily celebrate your birthday with you and some of our favorite people.

#5-  I know that you can rock a Tuba and all, but I think we both can agree that I sing a mean Happy Birthday!




I love you Bub & Hope your Birthday was a great one!