Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby Whisperer

Exactly 12:00 New Years Day, how can that baby be asleep you ask, it's a secret.
We all have things that we're pretty good at, I'm fairly athletic, pretty creative, and can speed clean a house like nobodies business, but I have another talent, one that I'm pretty proud of....... I can put babies to sleep.  Doesn't sound too cool you say, well you've obviously never had a baby that you couldn't get to go to sleep.  I know just the right way to wrap and hold them, nice, tight, and close.  My technique is almost flawless, but I have to thank simple genetics for a couple of key benefits,  I'm soft in all the right places, and my body runs warmer then most.

Abe just hours old, Sol just turned two a couple of weeks earlier, not sure why but I think Sol is wearing Harry Potter Glasses?
As I suspected, he is wearing Harry Potter Glasses, and I think I see a hint of a wand too.

The rest is a secret, I'll never tell, but I have another secret, want to hear it, come close and I'll whisper it to you..... I know a real Baby Whisperer.

Alright so it's not a real secret, I just wanted to use the word whisper again, and because it's the holidays and I'm feeling pretty sentimental I wanted to write a bit about a certain someone.  She's an amazing lady, and really since the loss of my mother has filled a void in my life, I'm so grateful for that.

From left to right, Baby Whisperer, Santa Run Buddy Cousin, Me sippin' a CocaCola, and My Mom
 She's my mother's sister, my aunt, and to my children, Grandma Tilly, I'm thankful that we all have her in our lives.  She makes sure that she sends cards with a $2 bill every holiday to each of my children, even the little holidays, it makes them feel special (and Sol really counts on that $2 for what ever he is currently saving for). 

I don't  have another picture of us together, but we made a great Halloween duo, me bee, her Miss Kitty from Salt Lake City.
I'm not joking about her baby whispering skills.  She and babes are drawn to each other, pick up baby, coo, rock, pat back, repeat, sounds simple, but to watch it is pure magic.  She rubs, cuddles, and kisses as she gaggles and sings silly songs to babes, they are intoxicated by her spell.  Teething baby, please give her a real challenge, colic, don't make her laugh, a pure love is an enchantment better than any medicine.

Really the majority of her skills come from being the sweet mom she is.  The bond that she and her daughters share is remarkable, full of love.

She's always encouraging me to keep writing, tells me "Don't wait, you forget things too fast.", so because I don't want to forget how special she is, I'll keep writing. 


  1. What a beautiful thing to say,
    Thank You
    Your a very beautiful and speical woman

    G ma Tillie

  2. Syrina, that is such a wonderful thing to say about the woman I am proud to call mom.

    1. I only speak the truth. Hey did you know that when you post a comment on my blog I see that it is coming from you on your blog (did this just make sense). Anyways checked out your blog, didn't know you had one, those pictures of Landon are crazy. Hard to believe your rambunctious, active four year old was ever that small, glad he's healthy and happy!