Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stopping by Woods via Sliegh Ride

Who's woods these are, I think I know, their house is in the village though;
They will not mind me stopping here, to watch the elk eat from the snow.
Our little horse won't think its queer, to stop without all five dogs near. 
Between the woods and frozen lake, the greatest sleigh ride of the year.

I could go on but I'm not real pleased with the first verse, so I think I'll leave Robert Frost behind and sum things up in my own words.  Just around the lake in Liberty lives a family that offers sleigh rides through the winter months.  During the holiday season you can even take a ride to pick out a Christmas tree or wreath.  It's a bit like a painting, a small make shift building lit with a simple strand of lights stands among a grove of aspens, add a horse drawn sleigh, a fire burning among the snow, and give or take about five large dogs, and it could be a Thomas Kinkade original (that's for you Jamie, I know your love for his work, already got your Christmas present).

What are those two up to?

                           Sufficient bundling and layering..... check
                           Great company (including not one but two great photographers)..... check
                           Elk to feed..... check
                           Great scenery..... check
                           Personal heaters in the form of five(ish) dogs...... check
                           Reindeer petting..... check
                           Hot chocolate break with friends..... check
                           Great memories made..... check


Abe with his best bud, not even home but they'd already shed their boots and socks, and found a warm spot together.

The day was so great, and given the present company, I even thought we could possibly get a worthy Christmas card picture from it, set my own bar a little too high.  I'm really not too picky, love candid shots, we don't all need to be looking at the camera, not bothered with uncombed hair, I'm even fine with the big red scab on the side of my face, but please just let me have one picture where someone doesn't look miserable.  A little more to the right, eyes open, smile, Monte open your eyes (again), Abe please pretend to be happy, Jo no rabbit ears and please not that pained smile, Monte, really, open your eyes, I'm doing my best just trying to work with what I got, and Sol.....lucky little man, never, ever, takes a bad picture.    

And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.....

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