Monday, December 9, 2013


Huntsville winters are not for the faint of heart.  It was -10 degrees when I sent my eight year old to walk to his bus stop this morning, and my dog is testing his bladder strength, it's been 16 hours since he last ventured out.  So this Saturday, I probably should have paid a little more attention to our local weather men when they predicted this winter storm, it was a big one (Snowbasin got close to 20").  But despite the blizzard that set in late Friday night, our gathering was a special day.  Admiring others gifts and goods, we did our best to stay warm on this especially cold December morning, hibernating under blankets and around our wood burning stove.  Thank you to all of those who weathered the storm and came to share or to shop, these gatherings have become more and more about the people we share them with.  I think however, it is a good time for A Huntsville Gathering to do a little hibernating, we will be back in the spring, with the warmer weather.  Goodbye warm days, and our warm weather hobbies.

Hello winter....

Time for homemade soups, sledding, ski days, ice skating at the park (did you notice that they've started construction already.... guess it's been cold enough), and finding sleeping kids by the fire.  

Homemade tomato soup, a favorite by all, last night four empty bowls, not too bad.

The best thing about winter hikes, is winter sledding.
While I think it is time, just for a bit, to be done treasure hunting and gathering, I do think I'll keep my new found hobby and keep posting but mostly just about family and friends (so if cutesy post of adorable children and cheesy pictures aren't really your thing, now's the time to check out, but don't forget to check back in).  I'll see you in five months, with great finds and furniture re-dos, I think now is a good time for us all to do a little hibernating. 

You can guess the temperature by judging the look on Sol's face.... utterly freezing!

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