Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I love hearing what little ones are thankful for, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends, pets, doughnuts, toys, trees, feathers for my turkey.  Their thankful feathers aren't so different from my own.  The things that you are really thankful for, are those people that you love (well that and doughnuts).

So this Thanksgiving, I'm sharing my feathers on my Thankful Turkey.  First I'm thankful for my husband, he's an amazing man, makes me happy everyday.  I bet you can guess my next three feathers, Jo, Sol, and Abe, they each bring life to our family, I love being their Mom.  My parents, the memories they left are truly something to be thankful for.  Next comes the rest of my family.  My Brother (Yep Bub, your next, even beating out the family dog) and his wife, my in laws, my aunts, cousins, and uncles, their support and love touch me more then they will ever know.  My friends, boy do I have some great ones, I don't know where I would be without them, our visits recharge my spirit.  Somewhere on my turkey is a dozen or so feathers of all the little things I'm thankful for, but there is one I don't want to forget, and that is the place I live.  Not just our house, it is great, but I'm talking more about the place I LIVE.  I am one of those people who can say without any reservations, this is my forever place, I feel totally content.  A lake at the end of the block, great hikes in all directions, an amazing park just down the street, and who could forget three ski resorts just minutes away.

An amazing place to live, and with the right company, the beach is beautiful year round

Yep I'm lucky, lots to be thankful for, even the little boy lying on my lap reminding me to write something about my thankfulness for Power Rangers, this one's for you Sol.... Power Rangers and family, thankful for them both. 

P.S. Speaking of being thankful for loved ones, check out what my mother-in-law brought up to share at our next gathering.  (Hmmmm..... I know not my smoothest transition)  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

House Rules

Number 1-  Always wash your hands!
Number 2-  No weapons at the dinner table
Number 3-  Stand up for your brothers
Number 4-  No Booger eating (I'm proud to say we are totally successful.....I think?!?)
Number 5-  Put your dishes in the sink
Number 6-  If you have to stand on something to reach it, it is not yours to play with
Number 7-  If you don't eat you dinner, don't expect dessert
Number 8-  Always rinse the tub before you bathe (when your just a bit too short to reach the toilet rim, the tub is a good alternative, don't worry it's only #1)
Number 9-  Don't be wasteful, old leftovers go to the chickens, use both sides of your paper, slow the flow
Number 10-  Love one another

These are the rules we live by.  Sure there is a few more, but these ten cover most the bases.  Funny how often I catch myself saying, "You know the rules....", but do they, it's not like we have them posted anywhere?  Well I guess we don't need to post them, because they do a great job at reminding me of them often enough (don't worry I don't eat my boogers).  I get an earful if I leave the water running while brushing my teeth, and even I don't always enjoy dinner, "Mom if you don't finish dinner, don't expect dessert.", I know, I know.

I've trained them well.  Our house is filled with second hand finds (remember don't be wasteful), that's the way I like them.  To some, scratch-n-dent items are no good, but to me that's just a bit more character.  Someones got to put the first scratch on something at some point, often I'm just glad it's not me (Like the Christmas eve Mr. Claus decided to try the newly assembled galaxy cruisers through the house before putting them under the tree.  Yards and yards of swirling first scratches on a newly installed hardwood floor, not done by Mrs. Claus).

Furniture cast offs are some of our favorite pieces in our house,  they just needed a little TLC.  I'm lucky to have a handy husband.  He's made and refinished dozens of things, our first bed (made from logs he cut and drug out of the forest himself), bookshelves, cabinets, and who could forget our first coffee table.

It was made from an old salvaged crate (before upcycling was popular), it was a little twisted, and had a mural painted on the top.  We used it for several years, until I decided I needed a car/train table for some little boys, a few coats of paint later, and it gave little ones something to race cars around.  Times have changed again, I don't know if we need it anymore, seems wasteful in their play space, not getting used, so a few more coats of paint (this time chalk board paint), and it's out to join the rest of the second hand treasures for our next gathering.

This one was a little hard to let go, so we've sent it with a note to it's next owner. I wonder what will it be used for next?

Monday, November 25, 2013

I Spy

I Spy, five sweet pilgrims, one Thanksgiving Sharing Feast, one bread filled wooden basket, one small white round table, fifty patient fingers, one vintage yellow tray full of awaiting art supplies, one fugly T.V. tray, one Tom Turkey melamine platter, one unclaimed cookie (not for long), one rustic cake stand, and one table full of Sharing Feast Leftovers.

I have the opportunity each week to work with six adorable preschoolers.  This last week we had our Thanksgiving Sharing Feast, and it was wonderful.  No feast could be complete without a turkey crown, which each pilgrim made and wore so well.  They each brought something to share, and even helped with most of the preparations, from bringing in the chairs, to setting the table.  I am thankful for every one of these lovable three year olds, they make all my treasures look amazing, even the ones we've referred to as an ugly step sister

Sunday, November 24, 2013


And this little piggy went weee, weee, weee, all the way home.  This is what your toe looks like when you're trying to maneuver down stairs that are covered with nerf guns, bionicles, and books, one wrong move and your sent tumbling down the remaining steps.  The fact that it's pretty swollen and stuck at that funny angle, tells me that it's probably broken.  So with the rest of the family pretty sniffly, and myself a little out of commission, I'm calling it a sick day.  Think I'll buddy tape that toe, and spend the day recovering on the couch.  We've got a busy week ahead of us, and we all want to be feeling better by Saturday when we run the Annual 5K Santa Run in Ogden.    

Organized races have a great energy about them, but also a kind of annoying price tag.  However, this is my favorite 5K, they provide the wardrobe, they let those "naughty" Santas cut out early and take a shortcut to the finish line, and all the water stops serve milk and cookies.  This year the company won't get any better, I'm running with my sweet cousin, and one handsome young man.  Jonas loves to run and he loves his holidays, so I think this will be a great first race for him.  I don't think I'll be beating last years time (under 27, missing my run bud), but I don't mind, I'll take great companionship over fast times any day.  This is the stage of life I'm in.   

My husband and I were married close to seven years before we had our first great companion (that be Jo).  During that time we discovered our loves, realized what was important, and made some big decisions.  After we'd had our time, we felt totally and completely ready to move on to that next stage of life and enlarge our family.  I think often about the stage our family is in.  We've realized as parents you make some sacrifices on a personal level, but it's for the good of the group.  It's all about taking the things that we love, and making them work.  It takes a bit more preparing, but it's euphoric when these implements are successful.  I remember taking Abe on our favorite family hike when he was just days old, our pace a bit slower, our distance not as far, but our journey far more triumphant then ever before.

Breathtaking views, beautiful newborn babe, and Sol picking his nose

And it began, three all four and under
My hiking these days is usually with other moms.  Packing one babe (sometimes two),  and a few others in tow, we meet and let the kids set the pace.  Their happy, dirty faces tell us when it's a good time to stop, and it's usually no where near the end, but somewhere in the middle, with a good stream or pond to play in.

The same thing is said about bike rides.  I'm the proud owner of a trike with a basket on the back for hauling kids.  With it, I can keep a steady pace, even with a wobbly three year old new to riding a 2-wheeled bike. 

We've adapted our life to include the whole family in our passions, so that these passions can also become theirs.   We're an active family, we love our hobbies, and I'm glad to share them with little ones.  Truthfully they're only little for a small amount of time, I don't know how many more years I'll be able to keep up with this bunch (I've already lost a bike race to Jo, but I'm demanding a rematch, I didn't hear go, my foot slipped, and really my bike is just not as fast as his.).

They were quite the troopers, it was cold, but they made this winter hike to an awesome yurt

Abe was insistent on wearing his ducky suit that day, and I pick my battles.

I'm happy in the stage were in, even a little sad to see it coming to a close, I don't know if I'm ready to give up "little ones".  Oh how I miss having a baby, they are in all honesty, my best accessory.  There is something unbelievably and indescribably amazing about holding your new born babe, I have no words, I love everything about it.  I spent seven consecutive years either pregnant, nursing, or both, and I have no regrets, not even the stretch marks.  I know I'm a bit fluffier than I'd like to be, but I've realized the time and effort it's going to take to loose some of my stuffing (apparently my body has grown fond of its cushioning, it's putting up quite the fight, but I think in the end I'll win) is going to be something that takes me away from my family far more then I'd like.  It's funny how that fluff seems to settle, a little on the hips for propping up a baby, and a little more in the front to cushion little heads ("No I'd rather cuddle with Mom, she's softer."). 

So for now, I'm glad to run after others have gone to bed, even if it is midnight, I don't like running in the heat anyways.  And it's never safe to swim alone.  Long, steep hikes are a bit overrated, I usually end up twisting an ankle at some point anyhow.  And nothing beats hugs and high fives from tiny hands when finishing a race.

Just after finishing another 5K with my sister from another mister, made it under 30 minutes, even sprinted the end, not too bad for this fluffy gal

Happy in the stage I'm in......, but possibly a little excited for the next stage to come?  A little of both, time will tell what happens next. (Welcome to my eternal and internal struggle)      

Friday, November 22, 2013

This is Fun

I didn't aspire to blog writing, nor was is something I was looking forward to doing,  but now with a couple of months behind me, I find it fun.  I feel like I'm journaling for the first time in my life, and as long as cyber space doesn't crash, I'm leaving something behind for my children to read long after I am gone.  The blog has evolved a bit, it started as a way to announce a new business adventure (you can't beat any form of free advertising), it now involves a bit more of my life then originally planned.  I came to a point where I realized, if I'm going to spend the time writing, and taking pictures, it might as well be something my family enjoys looking at, so that is where I'm at.  Weird and somewhat awkward segways, from family to furniture fill posts, well I think now is the time to give some clarity to those random pictures.  If you see a picture of it, it will be for sale at our next gathering (except the children and husband, wait.... scratch that, what are you willing to pay?).  So this means come December 7th you can take home, an imperfect two shelf end table, one chunky book shelf now free from cat prints, a fixed door on a cream cabinet, two desks, kitchen supplies, one vintage metal bluish-yellowish rolling cart, an updated holiday door, a yellow kitchen cart, loads of baskets, six matching platters, and plenty of holiday decor and nicknacks.  I'm not even going to mention (well I guess I am now) the dozens of items leftover from previous gatherings.  And don't forget the other gals that join the gathering with their own wares to sell.  Everything we sell is such a bargain, really there is something for everyone. 

So I've done it, another blog post under my belt, and this one hopefully does a bit of explaining.  Explaining, because we want to see all of you make it to our next gathering.  No excuses (alright we'll cut you some slack if you live out of state), we'll see you here, December 7th, 10:00, same place, new treasures, and loads of fun. 


This Thanksgiving I'll be hosting quite the crowd, so I find myself already starting to prepare.  Table cloths, check, napkins, check, plates & silverware, check, seven matching platters, check.  Wait, seven matching platters, doesn't that seem a bit excessive?  Alright, so maybe I don't need all seven, but when you line them up all together they sure look pretty great.  Realistically I think all but one will be added to our growing gathering stash.

 I think I'll finally add the casters to the bottom of the cute yellow country table I've been holding on to.  It'll get plenty of kitchen use, preparing our big Turkey Day meal.  Then I guess it too can join the six platters in the stockpile awaiting the next gathering.

Thanksgiving is fun.... family, friends, food, and great finds, I'm thankful for them all. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Child's Play

"What's your name in the game Abe?"
"No Abe you need to have a name for the game, like I'm Super Sol the Red Ranger!"
"O.K. I'm  Red Dragonman!"
I have to pipe up a little at this point, because I know what is coming next, "Are you sure your not Super Red Dragonman?"  On cue I'm interrupted with what I knew was coming.
"Yeah Abe if your not Super, you don't have super powers."
"O.K. I'm Super Red Dragonman, and I blow fire, and shoot fire out of my hands, and I fly away from green dragons."

I love the way my boys play, especially my youngest two.  Our house is full of amazing places to play, but the funny thing is they usually end up playing either in the same room as I, or one just adjacent.  That's how it was one morning this week.  I was up painting around our newly installed door, in a room only heated by a stoked  fire in the wood burning stove.  That being said it was probably around 40 degrees in there, and there they were, coatless and barefoot, fully engaged in their "game".  Their pretend play isn't so different from house, but instead of Mom, Dad, and Baby, it is Super Rangers, Super Heroes, and a Bad Guy.  I find huts made around the house, inside there is no play kitchen or baby bed, but their super suits laid out, ready to be worn at a moments notice.

The dynamics change a bit when my oldest is thrown into the mix.  He'll help build any hut, but he's still not sold on the Super Hero role playing idea.  But my Jo being the creative boy he is, will find a way to work it out.  Every Super Hero needs a super school, so problem solved, time to set up the school house.  He makes a great teacher, even if I occasionally have to intervene with a "Snack Time Break!", to calm Red Ranger from his poor results on his math exam (Mr. Jo is one tough teacher, he won't take it easy on you, so you'd better brush up on your multiplication table, even if you are only five).

When I recently came home with a second desk, Sol reminded me we already had one not being used in the garage (he's always keeping me on my toes).

Trying to figure out his concern, I asked him if he wanted the desk, to which his reply was, "Mom we use a table in our school, we don't need a desk."  Right Sol, I get it, Super Heroes don't use desks......Super Heroes Activate!  Time to transform and roll out for battle against one tough pop quiz!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Doors are something that we find in metaphors fairly commonly.  Be an opener of doors, the door of life, the door of death, a very small key can open a very big door, the greatest of doors will only be opened to those not afraid to knock, this old man he played four, he played nicknack on my door....., the list can go on and on. Currently I'm dealing with plenty of doors in my day to day life. 

Here is a broken door, awaiting it's repair before our next gathering.  

Here is my recently transformed door, dressed in it's holiday attire.

We're even trying to install a beautiful old door in our upstairs bonus room.  

But my favorite door right now is the one I'm sitting behind, the one with the best view.

I know it's noon, but look one is dressed, even if it is in his Hulk costume
And in case you were wondering, I did get that door fixed and I think it will be quite the treasure on December 7th.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yes Solomon, there is a Santa Claus

So he's only five, but I knew he'd be the first to really ask.  He's an official school goer, rides the bus to and from, which I'm sure is where he's heard others talk (at least I hope it was there, and not in that innocent Kindergarten class of his), and he's like a little sponge absorbing all that he hears.  He's so smart, crazy smart really, smart enough to realize he didn't have a post about him, so I'm making good on a promise.  Everything comes so easy for him, which is why I fear he gets a little forgotten.  He's already the middle child, and in raising him, everything always has been so simple, so simple that he's become, at five, already a little self sufficient.  He's more quiet than my other two, some mornings I don't even know he's up,skipping breakfast (something unheard in my family), he'll go straight to playing with some transforming or building toy, quietly and happily.  Other times I find him in the office drawing and coloring, singing to himself, perfectly content.

Look at that adorable red ranger on the right with a flower, I think that one was meant for me.
He's probably the most like me (my husband and I fight a little over which one of us he gets those smarts from, so I'm claiming it), we both tend to obsess over things until we either figure them out, or complete them (notice the power ranger coloring book, colored from cover to cover), we're both pretty stubborn (another word for a bit of a mean streak, sorry Sol, I kind of sold you out on that one), and we both share the same love for elastic waist pants.

So he didn't come right out and ask, that smart boy of mine, about Santa, but just needed a little reassuring about the magic of it all.  I've heard parents say, "Well if they ask, I'm not going to lie.", Well if carrying on the Santa legend is lying, sign me up and call me one BIG FAT LIAR.  I really dish it out, I love the way their eyes light up at the thought of flying reindeer, magical elves, and one amazing bearded overweight man.  That magic is gone too fast, it really is so precious, and those true believers become skeptics overnight.  In "believing"  I hope I'm instilling the value of Faith, something that we all need a little help with at times.  So Santa, yep I've seen him, and he stole a couple of extra cookies from the cookie jar too, and that Easter Bunny, thinks he's so smart hiding eggs higher then we can reach.  And who could forget the Toothfairy, always leaving her fairy dust behind, like she's never heard of a dust buster.  And one year my husband swears he was inches away from catching that elusive Leprechaun.  Jack Frost even leaves a surprise in our shoes on New Years Eve if we leave them under the Christmas tree.  Those mystical creatures all make appearances at our house, and I've let it be known, as long as we "believe", they'll continue to do so.  So yes, Solomon, there is a Santa Claus.