Thursday, December 19, 2013

Keeping it Local

We like to support local businesses, but when your town's total population is right around 600 there's not going to be many local businesses to support.  We do our best, we're on a first name basis over at the hardware store, we frequent Huntsville BBQ, more then I'd like to admit (good food, outdoor dining, live music, all just a short bike ride away, it doesn't get any better),  and despite the fact that the Shooting Star Saloon isn't all that kid friendly (but they do give out full size candy bars to the kids on Halloween), they do have take-out, and it's just across from the park.  So, that just about covers it, but lack of establishments doesn't have to stop you from keeping things local.  I love that our town works together to make a wonderful ice skating rink.  So with second hand skates in hand, we had a fun, free, and local afternoon on the ice.     


And just so you know, not that it really matters, but I totally won the skate race, that's right, I'm way faster then Monte.

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  1. Oh, what a perfect shot of you and Monty!! I've been meaning to call. The adorableness of the cookie jar and that fact that you thought of us makes me teary every time I pass it in the kitchen. I will call soon...and hopefully something will make it to you too. (Ben keeps changing his mind on what to send) Keep posting, we can't get enough! Merry Christmas!