Thursday, December 26, 2013

T'was the Day After Christmas.....

Abe asked me this morning if it was still Christmas, after telling him it was only Christmas time, he asked if his presents were still here, funny little guy thought his presents were just on lease for the Christmas day.  I quickly straightened things out, and off he went, he had toys to play with.  Is Christmas done for the year?  Already Monte is back at work, there's no more parties to attend, even the once over abundance of Christmas goodies is looking a bit sparse.  But as I look around, Christmas is still alive... and kickin'!  With a new vigor we've gone back for a second look at the gifts we got yesterday.  Already today we've completed a couple of puzzles, tackled a Lego set (they're begging to do another one, but I'm refusing until they find the missing pieces from our first, I wonder who will hold out longer?), pulled out our new crayons, paints, paper, and coloring books, Jonas even had some time to write a thank you note to Santa (sweet guy, Jo not Santa, haven't forgiven him for the fart gun yet).  Even planning a trip to our friend's house to check out what Santa brought, share at least one meal, and hopefully some game playing.

Dollar store puzzles have really stepped it up

You guessed it, that is a picture of Jonas shooting his fart gun, thanks a lot Santa

We've pulled out Dad's presents for a second read through.  Monte has always given the boys a book for Christmas, a book about their most current interest, and inside the front cover he writes them an encouraging note.  They love their father's note as much as the book, I love his notes even more, and because I want to always remember them, long after the ink has faded and the paper has yellowed, I'll share my favorite line.    Abe got King of the North Pole, a typical super hero book, a perfect fit, and a perfect line from his dad, Always remember what your power is Abe, it is love!.  Sol's book is my favorite The Ballad of Valentine, read to the tune of "My Darlin' Clementine".  We'd checked it out from the Library back in February for Valentine's day, my singing Sol loved it so much he memorized much of the book, and still repeats the lines.... "In a cabin, in a canyon, near a mountain laced with pine, lived a girl who was my sweetheart, and her name was Valentine".... I have no doubt he'll sing this to his own sweetheart someday.  Monte wrote, Sol you have a gift to remember things, this can be both a blessing and a curse, a curse if you choose to remember the things that make you hurt, instead of the things that make you smile.  Now for Jonas, my boy who has no love for books, but a love for all things funny, his chosen book was More Parts.  It's a funny book with great illustrations, and by his favorite author, Tedd Arnold (Fly Guy).  So for our funny boy Monte says, Jonas I like you, you make me laugh, all the time, it's a special gift, you can use that gift when you see someone who is sad to make them smile and feel better about themselves., which he does, everyday.  Great stories and uplifting notes, definitely worth a second look.  

There is one gift that I did go back for a second look, actually it's just my first, I refused to look at it the first time.  It caused a big argument Christmas morning, big enough for one man to go missing for quite a while.  I have complained about my camera for years.... but a beautiful new camera, comes with a beautiful BIG price tag, I don't know if I can justify it.  I can't lie, I rely on talented friends with great cameras who feel compelled to photograph, to take my favorite pictures.  Because truthfully I'm lacking talent, have only an alrightish camera, and no real compulsion, just a desire to capture a moment (which I usually miss).  So although it hasn't gone back to the store, it's still not out of the box.

We still have plenty to do over the break, helping the Christmas spirit to linger a little longer.  There will be visits to the park for ice skating, sledding with friends, and I'm sure we'll all make it to the slopes at least once.  We're even planning a trip down the hill to Ogden, to catch a movie and let the boys use some of those gift cards they got from family for Christmas.  Friends to visit, meals to share, yep plenty to do.... and still, I'm undecided on how well they'll be photographed. 

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