Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thank You Captian Underpants!

His top five favorite things to do in random order (as of this morning):
-Sneak Cookies
-Play with Friends
-Day Dream
-Reading 'Captain Underpants'

Even I am still in shock, reading actually made his top five list.  The last week  it's become a common site to see Jo with a book in hand, one that he is actually reading.  Two things brought on this change, first a promise to help with some wizardly touches in his bedroom space if he completed reading a chapter book, and second the discovery of the 'Captain Underpants' books.  It took only two days for Jo to cash in on my wizard makeover promise.  It was a frenzied magical DIY upgrade, but one worth every muggle moment.

We make plenty of trips to the library, it's a favorite place by everyone in the family, my hope is the same of most mothers, to instill a love for books and reading.  Up until our new 'Captain Underpants' discovery (thanks Sara) Jo spent his time at the library looking at the movies, or back on the computers.  But this weekend it was Jo who insisted on a library stop to get the next book in his newly found favorite book series.

So do I care that these books are the most banned books in America, even beating out 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?  Or the fact that the pages are full of two boys (Harold & George) mischeivious adventures while using......

'offensive language' (completely offensive hilariously funny potty talk),
'partial nudity' (He is Captain Underpants afterall, and his secret weapon, slinging his underpants sometimes even the pair he's wearing, but don't worry he doesn't wear only underwear.... he has a cape too),
'violence' (One chapter is even titled "The Extremely Graphic Violence Chapter", it  comes with the following disclaimer: "WARNING: The following chapter contains graphic scenes showing two boys beating the tar out of a couple of robots. If you have high blood pressure, or if you faint at the sight of motor oil, we strongly urge you to take better care of yourself and stop being such a baby."),  
'misbehavior' (George and Harold play several pranks at school, they're even responsible for the creation of Captain Underpants, through the hypnotizing of their grumpy school principal),
'Blackmail/Threats' (to George and Harold's defense, most of the threats and blackmailing is done by their mean principal, Mr. Krupp, explaining their need to hypnotize him in the first place)?

Nope, not at all, I love the fact that Jonas is smiling and giggling while he reads, I think he's finally found the love.

So thank you George and Harold.  Thank you Dr. Diaper, and the vicious Talking Toilets (yep talking toilets are the villans in the second book, proud to say he's almost finished with).  Thank you Dav Pilkey (author) for your amazingly offensive creations.  Thank you Weber County Library for stocking your shelves with all 10 'Captain Underpants' books.  And lastly, even a thank you to grumply old Mr. Krupp..... other wise known as.....Captain Underpants.

*In case you were wondering I did manage to sneak both books away from Jo, give them a quick read & motherly approval, and I'm not even ashamed to admit that I may be a little excited for the day when Jo brings home the third installment of 'Captain Underpants'

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  1. And if Jonas goes the way of Oliver you'll be thanking Jeff Kinney, the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Brian Mull, author of Fablehaven. They all have found a way to get a non reader to read. It took Oliver a while to really understanding the joy of reading but thanks to these silly books, he got hooked. Once he finds something he likes he reads it over and over and over again. Not the most broad education but I'm just glad he's reading.