Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What is that!

He is the most critical of me, he really looked disgusted when he asked what was wrong with my nose.

I noticed it yesterday afternoon, a small tender red spot on the tip of my nose, but by evening it was so sore I couldn't even crinkle my nostrils without crying out in pain.  I've painfully poked, picked, prodded, and pinched, trying to remedy my swollen red nose.  And to add insult to injury, I've been constantly reminded of my deformatey. 

"Mom what's that on your nose?", "Mom there's something red on your nose.", "Mom why does you nose look like that?", "You could be Rudolph.", "Does it hurt.", "Why is it soooo red?", "Mom you look pretty funny, but don't worry you're not too ugly." (sweet boy, I could have heard that one all day).

Nothing is more humbling than the pure honesty of children.  I've been notified of the size of my backside, educated on the crooked spots of my smile, informed when I have more wrinkles, and reminded when I have stinky breath.  But I've also been complimented on my hair being more beautiful than Tangled, told that even when I'm really mean my face isn't too scary, asked if I'm a princess whenever I wear a skirt or dress, and sweetly enlightened on my looks being comparable to a  flower.

So when Jo decided to add a red dot to his own nose and join his mother in her recovery, I was flattered.  Even Sol, not wanting to be left out asked for his own red mark, and I'm even pretty certain if Abe wasn't under the weather and crashed out on the couch he too would be baring a red spot.  I'm going to assume the best and believe that their red noses are worn not to make fun, but as a thoughtful tribute to their mom. 

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, maybe a red nose isn't so bad, red is the color of passion and love.  And who knows maybe my tender boil is a good distraction from the fact that I never get flowers on this Cupid's holiday (is that a hint, maybe)..... after all who needs 'red roses', when I have 'red noses'. 

a great view of my growing pimple,  I wonder when the boys will be able to keep their eyes open when their trying to cross their eyes?

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