Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a sick day for my big Valentine, at least we'll get to spend some time together, even if it's spent recovering on the couch.  And it looks like someone got the hint, I did get flowers, also in my favorite color, and my favorite kind, the kind I'll hopefully be able to plant in the spring.

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!! 

Some of our handmade Valentines, imagine both Monte's and Sol's surprise when Jo, just fueling the fire between their on going battle of their stand on the better power ranger, had a 'for their eyes only' statement on each one of their cards, for Monte 'Blue Ranger Rules!  Red Ranger Stinks!' and for Sol 'Red Ranger Rules!  Blue Ranger Stinks!'.  Even put some thought on Abe's Valentine, 'Hawk Eye is the best Super Hero!.... EVER!'.  Mine is much less controversial, just a bush, a potted flower, and a giant dancing daisy, I loved them all.

I wonder if our absent minded, not so bright friend, Stupid Cupid will pay us a visit this year?  The boys sure hope he does.  And why shouldn't they, he leaves them a box of goodies at the end of a mixed up scavenger hunt.  And what does he leave me..... just upturned furniture and the remote in the fridge.

Hope your day is full of shared love, affection and friendships.... and possibly one dim witted flying Casanova!

'I Needle Little Valentine Sew I've Chosen you!'   I couldn't help it, I'm a sucker for play on words, I sure hope Monte likes his messaged fleece lined protective ski goggle bag!?!?  And yes I did realize I misspelled 'Choosen', when it's three in the morning when you make that discovery it just doesn't seem all that important.... anyhow I think it adds a little more character and a lot more authenticity.

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