Wednesday, February 19, 2014


He was right, smooth roads are great, but it's the rough mountain roads that take us to the most amazing places.

I'm joining my good friend, Mamabyrd, in her Friday 'Impressions' posts.  She's opening up this part of her blog to anyone who would like to participate.  Just leave a link to your blog or website in the comments.  If something in your week left an impression on you, feel free to share it here or there.


  1. I totally envy your ability to link your blog to Sarah's with no hiccups. Also, I stole your words and added them to the bottom of my post. Do you mind? You have such a way with them, and I can copy and paste, despite my other technological limitations...

    1. I love that we both have a deleted comment because our first attempt didn't work, so yes I did hiccup. And as far as you stealing my words, I'd already stole them from the bottom of Sara's post, just modified it a bit, just like you changed 'great' to 'beautiful'. Now that I think of it I like beautiful better, I might just steal your words for next weeks impressions.