Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Money Driven

One, two, and three teeth in the front where most of us only have two, that's one extra dollar.

Ways to Earn a Buck (or at least a dime) According to Sol:

-Diligently completing given chores

-Back tickling (this has probably been his most profitable)

-Snow shoveling

-Wishing for a loose tooth (an easy dollar, and being that he has one extra tooth, that's one extra dollar)

- Asking for money instead of dessert (What do you think a cookie is worth?)

-Bringing in wood for the fire

-Awaiting holiday cards with their added $2 bill from his Grandma Tilly (Is St. Patrick's Day card worthy?)

-Bullying others out of a job

-Simply asking Jo for his payment share (A sweet action, but when you don't really care for money it's not much of a sacrifice)

-Helping his Mom with odd jobs.....

My own bad planning often leads to a swim workout done at the wrong time.  My tiny swim system is set up close to the house next to a window that opens as a way of communication between those inside the house and myself.  It's through this window that I get plenty of requests.... 'Mooooom can I have a fruit snack?', 'Mom why does Abe get a fruit snack, can I have one?', 'Mom how come both Jo and Abe had fruit snacks and I didn't, it's not fair..... unless I can have one?', 'Mooooom can I have a juice box?'.........  They realize that requests made through this window are almost always granted, oh what I'll agree to for just a bit more time.  But sometimes I get a request that isn't solved with fruit snacks or juice boxes.

'Mom Abe needs you..... he needs to be wiped.'

SIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHH, and I was so close to being finished, that kid is abnormally regular, if regular is four or five times a day. 

I guess my huge sigh said enough, Sol quickly asked what one wiping would earn him?  Apparantly a quarter is a good deal for one bum wiping of a little brother, because Sol had vanished from the window before I could change my mind.  It's not that I don't trust Sol's wiping skills, and believe me I was super tempted to go ahead and let him earn his quarter, but in the end my conscious got the best of me.  So I cut workout a little short and within a few moments I was making the almost naked, barefooted dash through the snow to the back door.

I found Abe still on the toilet, but he'd been wiped...... well.....mostly.  He then informed me that Sol had started but then told him to stay put and he'd be back to finish.  As Abe finished this sentence Sol walked in, looking like this.....

Evidently poop does stink.  Sol offered to reduce his price to a dime if I'd finish his half completed task, I happily agreed.  Maybe I should share the nose tucked into shirt trick, not nearly as complicated or painful as getting that cloths pin on your nose.

We're excitedly counting the days until our package arrives from Amazon, the package with Sol's Power Ranger Tiger Zord that he worked and saved so hard for.... weeks of carefully charted and completed chores...... all dollars and coins accounted for..... especially that one dime. 

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