Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Moments spent lingering with friends and family are some of my favorite times.  So with the excuse of a birthday brunch it was a peaceful afternoon spent lingering with beautiful friends just a little longer.

Don't I have the most beautiful friends?

Lingering with shared food and gifts.... ideas and stories...... even the ones about killer whales and dog whisperers.

I hope she'll like her 100% recycled handmade embroidered pillow, made from my old favorite green sweater, for my old favorite green friend.  Even put her lovable, completely naughty,  food swipen', tissue eatin', neurotic dog on his own family tree limb.

 Lingering moments where children play completely unsupervised, and a favorite small baby is shared.

So Happy Birthday to my kind sweet friend, and thank you for the excuse for a lingered afternoon! (all of them)

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