Thursday, February 13, 2014


We've spent the last couple of days prepping for the big Heart Day.  With our valentines properly addressed we've moved on to more important things....things like love lunch parties with friends.  We spent some time crafting and delivering a few early valentines, playing cupid, eating plenty of treats, and sharing what brings us love.  Family, helping, Moms, stories, playing, hearts, and popcorn all made the love bringing list.

Abe made his Valentine for Sam, I was a little jealous.

The fun continues even after friends have gone home for the day, now we have time to check out what was left in our Valentine's box.  Love notes in the form of  ducks, elephants, and frogs, add in the plentiful sweet candy and Abe's convinced he's found a real treasure chest.  And after Sol's discovery of his preferred Sweetheart's delivered valentine, he's now even more determined to make sure her special valentine is a true piece of art.

Here's some free fashion advice, did you know plaid and strips were the new black?  My fashionista, even put red on for his Valentine's party.
'I'd love to be your....Valemtine?' looks like Sol used her heart shaped note as a spelling guide in the making of his own.

I've completely depleted my pink and red paper stash, looks like I've cut out my last festive heart for the season.  It's hard to believe I use to spend the couple of days prior to Valentine's day worrying only about outfit choices and dinner plans.  These days I'm pretty convinced I'll take homemade paper valentines and dinner at home over flashy gifts and overpriced meals (I did say pretty convinced, and not totally convinced right???).       

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