Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For Their Own Good

'Our only real goal for 2014, is to be a healthier family. ' my exact words, and with that I think that will be my first and last time I ever announce my New Year goal.  Am I cursed?  Since the moment I uttered those words we've been plagued with all things unhealthy.  It's been weeks since I've had a peaceful night sleep due to the constant sneezing, sniffling, coughing, hacking, gagging, and crying from at least one little bed (or big).

So this weekend with one man too sick to leave the house, and despite the fact it was raining, in February, in the mountains, in our little town, I announced to the boys we were doubling up on layers and playing outside.  When the boys questioned me on my decision because of the rain.....

'Well, then wear you galoshes instead of your boots, because we're going out, and it's for your own good.' 

And boy was it.  Yes we were all soaked within a matter of minutes, and yes the snow was horrible for fort building.  But nope our fort did not fall over, and nope I didn't feel bad being the first to come back inside, I'd left three brothers happily playing and fort building outdoors in the crusty wet snow.  It really was for their own good, we'd avoided another weekend cooped up indoors while one family member or another was recovering.

They enjoyed their outdoor rainy adventure in snow fort building.   On Monday when I suggested we dig out a couple of bikes and explore our snowy neighborhood on two wheels, it was only Monte I had to tell 'Come on, it'll be for your own good.'  
We've had some other choices that have been for 'our own good'.  Jonas has finally taken an interest in chores and is trying to save for some sort of extravagant electronic device he saw at a friends house.  He thinks in about a month he'll have enough saved for his several hundred dollar purchase, $100 = 2000 chores given our average pay scale, I'm staying positive he may surprise me.  Interest in chores..... definitely for his own good.

Abe also has informed me that he's now way too big to wear his 'safety diaper' to bed.  He can have his wish, but I've been peed on enough to know that this means it's time for some serious stay in your own bed encouraging.  Staying in his own bed..... for his own good..... right?  I've even done some serious evaluating and made some decisions that I know are for my own good.

Maybe Monte's cold will be the last one for the season?  I doubt it.... so in the mean time, go play outside even if it's cold, snowy, and raining.... be motivated and optimistic about the change you find in the couch..... and don't drink too much water before bed it's never fun to wake up wet and alone..... whatever it is believe me it's all for your own good.      

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