Monday, January 27, 2014

Big Brain Boy

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Big Brain Boy!

Saturday morning is the one day of the week that anyone under the age of ten is up and going long before our normal 7:30 wake up call.  Total television independence in the form of Saturday morning cartoons lures them from their bed.  Although this Saturday I couldn't thank Sponge Bob or Scooby Doo for watching my kids while I caught up on some sleep (should I be ashamed......hmmmm probably but nope I'm not), apparently I had a couple of boys who were way too excited to zone out in front of the big black box.  They were anxiously awaiting my promise I'd made the day before, a promise to complete one Big Brain Boy costume.

This Friday in Sol's Kindergarten class they're having a Super Hero Party, but not with your typical superheroes.  No Spidermans or Batmans on the invite list, but instead student created and teacher approved superheroes.  Sol was a little disappointed when I told him that his own creation, Rainbow Ranger, probably wouldn't make the cut, however maybe Reading Rainbow Ranger would, just got the eye roll on that suggestion.  Spelling Boy, Math Attack, Helper Hero..... Brainy Boy, that one got his attention, I added another B word, and told him we could make him a costume with a really big brain, and Rainbow Ranger was forgotten, he was ready to adopt his new secret identity.

So this Saturday I was awoken and reminded that I had a promise to make good on.  Saturdays usually mean a family ski day, so with only a couple of hours before our departure time, I knew I couldn't stall any longer.  Our big brain was already completed, thanks to a friend and a color alteration on a Megamind pattern.  Just a cape, maybe two, and by judging Jo's excitement he was expecting some sort of costume accessory too (I was right, his request, a cloak). 

He does his best to look creepy, but really with his cute face I can't help asking "Hi Red, how's Grandma?", but he's always quick with a comeback, "She's not looking good, got great big eyes, and I think she quit brushing her teeth."

Abe was completely happy with a red scrap tied in the front, nothing else needed, well nothing except one cheap plastic sword

With great power come's great responsibility, so with my superhero reasponsibilities completed for the day, maybe I can sneak away from the front room battle between the Red Cloaked Villain and Big Brain Boy and his green sword carrying side kick.  Then possibly I can get back to my typical Saturday morning activity, getting a little rest before it's time to take this superhero squad to the slopes. 


  1. Awesome! Sounds like he has a really great creative teacher to go right along with his really great creative mom. It looks really good.