Monday, February 24, 2014


In the basement it was Princess Pirate, her First Mate, and their tiny plastic baby, sliding and spinning.  Upstairs it was some serious Power Ranger play for four ninja pirates.  And pacing from upstairs to down, was two skull wearin' little ones, undecided on which play was more fun.  In all there was eight completely lost in play.  Sure, their was homework to be done, messes to clean, and dinner to eat, but as I listened to Jo sweetly sing to his baby 'Hush little baby don't ye cry Daddy's gonna buy ye a...... skeleton hand for your colleeeeeccctiooooon, Arrrrrr!', I couldn't break up all the silly fun.

We have some exciting house guests this week, I've double the amount of children I have overnight.  With best friend parents on vacation we've transformed a bedroom for three into a bedroom for six.  What busy fun it's been for us all, and I can't think of a better way to keep away the homesick blues than staying busy.  Our amazing library gave us the perfect busy activity tonight, a chance to meet a real pirate, and learn the tricks of the trade.  Oh what to wear?

Problem solved, with a bit of stash searching I was able to find what I needed to make six almost matching pirate vests.  My heart swelled at the excited gratefulness of all six wee mateys.  There was a few hectic moments when I realized a couple of friends had joined them on the walk home from the bus stop, but after six, really what's a couple more?

 We set sail, and after receiving our pirate names (a little abbreviating), Squidlips, Captain, Fluffbucket, Mad Gold, Spike, Mad Bones, and Matey Squiffy,  the rest of our evening was filled with games, stories, map making, and some booty huntin'.  The man behind it all made the night truly magical.  He patiently answered every question and absorbed every silly comment, all in true pirate fashion.

It wasn't without some challenges but we did it..... we ate, we studied, we cleaned, and most importantly we played.  We even made it to our pirate training session with a few minutes to spare, and perfectly dressed for the occasion too.  Worth every challenged moment...... especially when I overheard one sleepy phone conversation, 'And guess what...... he was the real Captain Jack Sparrow.....'
G'nightfall me sleepy lassies, I be wishin' ye slumberin' well!

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