Monday, February 17, 2014

Loved Baby Wrap

Look what I found tucked in a basket while cleaning my front porch this afternoon.......

It may look like a heap of green fabric, but it's far more than that.  The realization that it has been out of sight and somewhat forgotten for so long, tells me I've left another phase of  motherhood behind.  An internal struggle, as I sadly recognize that it has no current occupant, an undeniable fact that my babes are growing up.  

Baby carriers (in both forms) come in all shapes and sizes, but I've found my favorite is the one made from a simple long strip of fabric.  Something so minimal is something so versatile.  With the right wrapping technique you can hold your 40 pound five year old as easily as you can hold your tiny newborn.

My tiny new Abe, so little only a peek of his head could be seen from under the layers of our wrap.                         
My wrap has carried three little ones.  It's stretched and grown as it's occupants have done the same.  It's traveled from shopping centers to mountain tops.  With just a little rearranging it can give even an older child a chance to hitch a ride to rest tired little legs.  It's been a staple with each baby, one that I'm unsure I'm willing to let go.  The few times it's been forgotten it's wrapping techniques have found substitutes in it's place. 

A couple of years ago somehow our baby wrap didn't make the suitcase on a short trip.  However, who knew that on an early morning run I would stumble across a great second hand store just a few short blocks from our hotel.  It never hurts to just take a look?  So with my absent baby wrap in mind I ventured quickly inside.  Within a few moments and I had found the ideal map printed sheet that I knew with some borrowed scissors and some creative tying could be transformed into the perfect wrap for my chubby 10 month old.  (And because I know a few of you that are interested.... other treasures found at that awesome thrift store.... a few pieces of great pottery, a couple of good books, a cool old ice cream scoop, my favorite soft t-shirt, an amazing vintage scale that now proudly hangs as fruit storage in my kitchen, and a couple of pieces of luggage that I realized we'd need to get everything home.  Alright so I might have stopped there more then once on my morning runs, but it was at the perfect turn around point, and I was regretting some left behind ice skates, never to be found again.  Funny when you find some real treasures, carrying armloads of full shopping bags the mile or so back to your hotel isn't all that awkward or difficult.)  Total cost of my homemade Moby Wrap.... $4.  Just a plain strip of fabric?  I was so grateful for it's simplicity as it got plenty of use over the next several days.   


What a fun find just a short hike off the main road, I think it was even paved, a perfect trail for little legs.

I was glad to find my old green friend, we've shared some great memories.  And after a bit of reminiscing I couldn't resist trying it on, it felt familiar, like an old well loved pair of jeans.  I even had one eager youngster excitedly climb in for a cozy close ride.  Is it time for the cherished baby wrap to join the rest of the treasured sentimental baby heirlooms?  Nope..... not yet..... I think I'll let it 'hang' around a little longer, I'm sure we'll find something to do with it.  

He only relaxed for a minute, then after some intense swinging he decided to climb his wrap hammock to the ceiling, I just pretended not to notice.


  1. Nothing is better than having your baby... No matter the size... Right next to your heart or right next to your ear (on your back). Both my children's faces light up when a wrap comes out! You're right... Memories for a lifetime!!! #wearallthebabies