Friday, November 22, 2013

This is Fun

I didn't aspire to blog writing, nor was is something I was looking forward to doing,  but now with a couple of months behind me, I find it fun.  I feel like I'm journaling for the first time in my life, and as long as cyber space doesn't crash, I'm leaving something behind for my children to read long after I am gone.  The blog has evolved a bit, it started as a way to announce a new business adventure (you can't beat any form of free advertising), it now involves a bit more of my life then originally planned.  I came to a point where I realized, if I'm going to spend the time writing, and taking pictures, it might as well be something my family enjoys looking at, so that is where I'm at.  Weird and somewhat awkward segways, from family to furniture fill posts, well I think now is the time to give some clarity to those random pictures.  If you see a picture of it, it will be for sale at our next gathering (except the children and husband, wait.... scratch that, what are you willing to pay?).  So this means come December 7th you can take home, an imperfect two shelf end table, one chunky book shelf now free from cat prints, a fixed door on a cream cabinet, two desks, kitchen supplies, one vintage metal bluish-yellowish rolling cart, an updated holiday door, a yellow kitchen cart, loads of baskets, six matching platters, and plenty of holiday decor and nicknacks.  I'm not even going to mention (well I guess I am now) the dozens of items leftover from previous gatherings.  And don't forget the other gals that join the gathering with their own wares to sell.  Everything we sell is such a bargain, really there is something for everyone. 

So I've done it, another blog post under my belt, and this one hopefully does a bit of explaining.  Explaining, because we want to see all of you make it to our next gathering.  No excuses (alright we'll cut you some slack if you live out of state), we'll see you here, December 7th, 10:00, same place, new treasures, and loads of fun. 

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