Thursday, November 21, 2013

Child's Play

"What's your name in the game Abe?"
"No Abe you need to have a name for the game, like I'm Super Sol the Red Ranger!"
"O.K. I'm  Red Dragonman!"
I have to pipe up a little at this point, because I know what is coming next, "Are you sure your not Super Red Dragonman?"  On cue I'm interrupted with what I knew was coming.
"Yeah Abe if your not Super, you don't have super powers."
"O.K. I'm Super Red Dragonman, and I blow fire, and shoot fire out of my hands, and I fly away from green dragons."

I love the way my boys play, especially my youngest two.  Our house is full of amazing places to play, but the funny thing is they usually end up playing either in the same room as I, or one just adjacent.  That's how it was one morning this week.  I was up painting around our newly installed door, in a room only heated by a stoked  fire in the wood burning stove.  That being said it was probably around 40 degrees in there, and there they were, coatless and barefoot, fully engaged in their "game".  Their pretend play isn't so different from house, but instead of Mom, Dad, and Baby, it is Super Rangers, Super Heroes, and a Bad Guy.  I find huts made around the house, inside there is no play kitchen or baby bed, but their super suits laid out, ready to be worn at a moments notice.

The dynamics change a bit when my oldest is thrown into the mix.  He'll help build any hut, but he's still not sold on the Super Hero role playing idea.  But my Jo being the creative boy he is, will find a way to work it out.  Every Super Hero needs a super school, so problem solved, time to set up the school house.  He makes a great teacher, even if I occasionally have to intervene with a "Snack Time Break!", to calm Red Ranger from his poor results on his math exam (Mr. Jo is one tough teacher, he won't take it easy on you, so you'd better brush up on your multiplication table, even if you are only five).

When I recently came home with a second desk, Sol reminded me we already had one not being used in the garage (he's always keeping me on my toes).

Trying to figure out his concern, I asked him if he wanted the desk, to which his reply was, "Mom we use a table in our school, we don't need a desk."  Right Sol, I get it, Super Heroes don't use desks......Super Heroes Activate!  Time to transform and roll out for battle against one tough pop quiz!

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