Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yes Solomon, there is a Santa Claus

So he's only five, but I knew he'd be the first to really ask.  He's an official school goer, rides the bus to and from, which I'm sure is where he's heard others talk (at least I hope it was there, and not in that innocent Kindergarten class of his), and he's like a little sponge absorbing all that he hears.  He's so smart, crazy smart really, smart enough to realize he didn't have a post about him, so I'm making good on a promise.  Everything comes so easy for him, which is why I fear he gets a little forgotten.  He's already the middle child, and in raising him, everything always has been so simple, so simple that he's become, at five, already a little self sufficient.  He's more quiet than my other two, some mornings I don't even know he's up,skipping breakfast (something unheard in my family), he'll go straight to playing with some transforming or building toy, quietly and happily.  Other times I find him in the office drawing and coloring, singing to himself, perfectly content.

Look at that adorable red ranger on the right with a flower, I think that one was meant for me.
He's probably the most like me (my husband and I fight a little over which one of us he gets those smarts from, so I'm claiming it), we both tend to obsess over things until we either figure them out, or complete them (notice the power ranger coloring book, colored from cover to cover), we're both pretty stubborn (another word for a bit of a mean streak, sorry Sol, I kind of sold you out on that one), and we both share the same love for elastic waist pants.

So he didn't come right out and ask, that smart boy of mine, about Santa, but just needed a little reassuring about the magic of it all.  I've heard parents say, "Well if they ask, I'm not going to lie.", Well if carrying on the Santa legend is lying, sign me up and call me one BIG FAT LIAR.  I really dish it out, I love the way their eyes light up at the thought of flying reindeer, magical elves, and one amazing bearded overweight man.  That magic is gone too fast, it really is so precious, and those true believers become skeptics overnight.  In "believing"  I hope I'm instilling the value of Faith, something that we all need a little help with at times.  So Santa, yep I've seen him, and he stole a couple of extra cookies from the cookie jar too, and that Easter Bunny, thinks he's so smart hiding eggs higher then we can reach.  And who could forget the Toothfairy, always leaving her fairy dust behind, like she's never heard of a dust buster.  And one year my husband swears he was inches away from catching that elusive Leprechaun.  Jack Frost even leaves a surprise in our shoes on New Years Eve if we leave them under the Christmas tree.  Those mystical creatures all make appearances at our house, and I've let it be known, as long as we "believe", they'll continue to do so.  So yes, Solomon, there is a Santa Claus.


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  1. Yes, this is what I love about you!! I remember having this conversation with you when I first met you. My cousin had just decided they weren't going to "lie" at all at their house so Santa was nixed and I remember feeling a little uneasy about my love of the Man in Red until I heard you say you were never going to say he didn't exist, because he always will at your house. You are wise, so keep sharing your wisdom. I also like your ideas about not judging other parents. I have really tried to make that work for me. Your quilting bee looked lovely. I hope you had a great day, Hugs!