Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Birthday Theory

I've been a little delayed the last few days, but I've had a good excuse, I've had a birthday!  I used to keep a little quiet about my birthday, but I have changed.  My dear friend shared her birthday theory with me, why wait on others to determine how great your special day will be?  She spends her birthday doing, eating, sharing, the things she loves.  So I've adopted her theory, and it made for a great day.  I announced that I would be preparing zero meals on my birthday, so for breakfast I had a king size Kitkat (guilt free, it was my birthday after all), for lunch a slice of cake (I know my husband joined me in my lunch choice, but I'm still a little uncertain what the children ate for most of the day?).  And it seemed pretty fitting to join my birthday theory friend for a great birthday dinner.

I really love birthdays, and not just my own, it is always  fun to gather with friends and family to celebrate.  I've heard of some who dread the day they age one more year, and I'm glad that I am not one of them.  Each year that passes by, is full of life lessons.  Those life lessons, teach us, and allow us to mature.  When I think about the hardest things I have gone through in life, I know that with each of them I've grown, even if just a bit.  Poverty, death, health issues, jobs with horrible work, jobs with horrible pay, personal issues, yep, I've grown and learned from all of them.  From my father's death came a new level of closeness with my mother.  From her death I've embraced a softer side of life.  From times of no money, I've realized to appreciate the little things.  Even the weeks spent in bed with a hard pregnancy taught me to be patient, knowing that most things are hard before they become easy.  I've learned money doesn't bring happiness, to accept new and challenging relationships, and once in your life stand up for someone you love, even if you know they are wrong, just to show them that you love and support them.  Life is good, growing one year older doesn't change that.  And really how lucky am I to have not only a awesome family, but also amazing friends, who surprised me with an amazing gift.

Without me knowing, many of my friends designed and made a few blocks each to make me the most beautiful quilt.  I feel so fortunate, I'm touched by their kindness.

So as I welcome another year of life lessons, I'm grateful for friends, challenges, and one wonderful quilt. 


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