Monday, November 4, 2013

Joker Extraordinaire

I believe that every family has at least one (I think I have three), whether in be a son, a daughter, a mother, a father, or even a family pet, it's the individual in the family that loves to joke, tease, or just stir things up a bit.  Well that's my Jo.  On several  occasions he's made a comment that has left me wondering if I should scold him or laugh.  I've seen him climb into bed and whisper to his pillow, "Is there room for two?", other times I've watched him hand the back end of his dog to a friend when they asked for help climbing up a steep slope.  And although he loves laughter, any reaction will do .  So with all that teasing comes a steady stream of complaints from his younger brothers, "Mom, Jo said he's going to eat my drawing!", "Mom, Jo says that there is a ghost that lives in the upstairs toilet!", "MOM JO WON"T STOP TEASING ME!".  I guess about now I should say something like, "I don't know where it comes from?", but I do, so I'll leave it at that.  But for all his teasing, he has a super soft side.  He really is an amazing big brother, a great helper, and a super son.  He is my child that keeps me at my creative best.  He reminded me Halloween night that come morning it was a new month so he expected new decorations to be put up while he was at school.  He's a bit demanding that way, but truthfully I was looking forward to de-spookifying the place, so come morning time that's exactly what I did. Away went 12 totes of headstones, creepy pumpkins, witches hats, and skeletons, and out came two (yep I only have two), totes of Thanksgiving decorations.  I felt like my house looked a little naked after it's previous attire, so I went out to the garage, to dig around in some of my treasure storage.  Oh the treasures I found, so many I could use for the upcoming holiday.....

Who couldn't use a few extra trays for carrying tasty treats.

And what about all that baking, why not do it with some style,

Especially with these cute glazed measuring cups.

And what to dress up the table?

And now for some dishes,

like great mid century modern salad plates,

and for the kids table, some great vintage school lunch trays.

But I think in the end, I'll save the treasures for our next gathering, well almost, how can I say no to a vintage melamine turkey platter.  

It will be a great accent for our annual turkey dance performance, starring one uncooked turkey carcass, before he gets stuffed and tossed into the oven.  And who do you think will be our raw turkey puppeteer...... that's right you guessed it, the one and only joker extraordinaire, my Jo.  

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  1. I love it! A ghost in the upstairs toilet. You do have some pro teasers at your house! I'm so excited for the next gathering, I'm hoping to come up with something fun to contribute.