Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Through His Eyes

My funny Abe, I love hearing his view on nature, catching brief glimpses through his eyes.  His love for the outdoors is evident in his numerous rock, stick and dirt collections.  He works side by side with me in the yard, collecting worms as I turn the soil, 'This is a daddy worm, this one is a baby, this one is a big brother, and this one ..... is dead.'.  He always seems so surprised when his pet worms disappear when he leaves them for a jump on the tramp.  He loves his discoveries of crawling creatures. 

He used to bring me all sorts of bugs... rolly pollies, bees, spiders, beetles, flies, wasps, each clutched in between two tiny fingers.  Then one day a wasp stung him, he was hurt both physically and mentally.  Despite my warnings, he still brought me bugs in the same manner, then he was stung again.  After being stung about six times he stopped bringing me bugs.  Last week I was surprised with his choice of bug catching gear when he excitedly told me he was going out to the yard for some bug hunting.  Boots, gloves, an over sized bug cage, and an Ironman helmet, plenty of protection....  I guess the the memory of numerous stings hurts more a year later.  From two to three he's learned it's better to be safe than sorry.  I learn so much from him.   

Did you know that snakes only have a dad?  Yes, a creature that disgusting couldn't possibly have a mother, he's obviously heard of my distaste for them.  I think he's made the same assumption about lizards.  But everything else in nature comes in pairs, usually a mother and a baby.  Mother flowers with their babies, a mama tree with it's tiny babe,  baby birds with their moms, even the imaginary animals he shoots with his pretend arrows come in mom and baby form.  What can I say, he loves the relationship between a mom and a baby.  His love is what brings me dozens of kisses, hugs, and gifts each day. 

Who doesn't love when a man brings you flowers..... well I'm not bragging, but I get dandelion bouquet everyday.  Jo brings me a couple of these flowers a week, he loves it when I tuck them behind my ear.  Sol sometimes brings me a fist full, picked on the walk home from the bus stop.  But Abe, he spoils me, he is so diligent in his picking it's rare to see a yellow blossoms in our lawn (well, it was).  I have a row of bottles, filled with Abe's picked dandelions, in my kitchen window.  Usually dandelions don't live too long after they're picked, so everyday I'm alternating yesterdays withered yellow remains with today's newly picked flowers.  But I did have one bottle full that must have been picked just right, because not only did they live several days, but they even went to seed..... I felt pretty special.  

I have so much to learn.... a desire to hear more.... a yearning to spend time with one full of innocent knowledge... and lucky me.... I have the perfect small man to see.

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