Friday, May 9, 2014


Some days the house is still clean when Monte gets home from work.... most days.... it isn't.  Some days I wash, comb, and even style my hair.... most days.... it's in a bun.  Some days I have only one laundry pile.... most days.... I have three.   Some days I feel frustrated knowing that I'll never have my old body back.... most days.... I just eat the cookie.  Some days we live the high life and I buy the name brand toilet paper.... most days.... it's Western Family.... Some days it's hard being a mother of three rambunctious young boys.... but most days.... it isn't.  Happy Mother's Day!

Joining Mamabyrd in her weekly 'impressions' post.


  1. The most days sound so much more fun and adventurous. It's a good way to live life. Here here for toys on the floor, piles of laundry and happy children!

  2. Most days I eat the cookie too, or in my case, a handful of frozen chocolate chips. Happy Mother's Day to you too!!