Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beauty Grows

I was drawn to her beautiful flowers before we ever met.  She lives only a block or so from our front door, and her gardens are something you'd see on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens.  They serve as the perfect backdrop to her own beauty.  With brilliant blue eyes, and long silver hair, it's no wonder Monte calls her his senior crush.  You can spot her every morning tending to her petaled friends, just before she heads indoors to prepare sweet treats, a gift for any who stop by for a visit (which my children do, at least a couple times a week).  I love that Abe adoringly calls her his special friend.... yes special and a friend to us all. 

She brings me handfuls of her beautiful flower seeds each year.  Her instructions are simple, 'Plant them where you want them to grow.', so I do, and they do.  What woman would turn down free flowers?

I'll even take the flowers that come with a warning of their invasive tendency. I dream of the day an invasive flower can crowd out at least some of the weeds.  It's a good thing I like things pretty natural, because if I'd gone the manicured route I'd have to learn to garden with a head lamp on.

Desperate to have full, green, flower beds, I'll even let grow what others call weeds.

I guess I'll keep gathering seeds, and hopefully keep receiving them by the handfuls.... and while I continue planting I have no intentions of cutting my hair.... and I think some day it will grey..... and maybe my eyes will brighten with age.... and I'll tend to my garden..... and it will grow.

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  1. what are the white flowers called????
    i know i asked you but i can't remember