Friday, May 2, 2014


I've realized the success of our day and the condition of our laundry coincide.  This week I've tossed two sets of mud encrusted cloths in the wash, evidence of the excitement to test the water temperature at the lake (it was a cold bike ride home).  A couple of pair of shorts soaked to the waistband in swampy water from the discovery of two new forts down in the 'cat tails'.  Chocolate smears from a shared cookie, some milk drool from some fun assisted animal feeding, the typical grass and mud stains, even some applesauce left behind from my tiny lap guest.  I've never been so happy to buy my laundry supplies in bulk, even last night while stain treating a mysterious brown spot from a pair of pants, what was it.... mud..... chocolate..... or goat poop?  Mud, chocolate, or goat poop...... the exact reason why I love living where I live.....I'm curious and full of wonderment of what stains I'll be treating tonight.

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  1. My sweet sister-in-law gave me a plaque that says, "The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest laundry." Amen.