Thursday, May 29, 2014

Garden Journal Week 1

I decided to join my good friend mamabyrd in her gardening adventures, a couple of weeks ago, but have had nothing to share until now.  Our growing season is fairly short in Huntsville, and I've heard of many who have had to replant entire gardens at the end of June because of a summer freeze.  Hopefully I'll make past September before I post pictures of blackened wilted plants, victims of our cool mountain nights.  This weekend with warmer temperatures finally here to stay, I began the work of transforming my naked garden.  Every year I have plans to get my cold hardy vegetables planted in April, but every year I'm late, even for Huntsville standards.  Not April but almost June and I've finally planted carrots, peas....

 and beans....

And I also found a use for the bunch of concrete we collected while tearing out an old carport,our first fall in Huntsville....

I hope the new concrete planter absorbs enough heat to keep my tomatoes growing strong, and end my constant fear of them freezing.

And with the completion of that project, I think I'm ready to start another.  Hopefully, when I can, I'll journal not only what's growing in the garden, but also a current garden project.  For this week I'm finally going to remodel this space (previously a cage for the chickens).

I'm bursting with plenty of inspiration from our recent trip to the Boise Botanical Gardens.

So don't forget to check back in next Thursday, if your curious about what might be growing... and what potential an old chicken cage holds!

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  1. I just can't get over how quickly your "inspiration" develops into a full blown completed project. It's so exciting to have a new space to work with.