Friday, January 17, 2014


An off to school hug send off
Days with no fighting, 
and  heaps of stray kittens.
Simple made dinners, 
and warm gifted mittens.
Brown cardboard packages the Fedex guy brings, 
these are a few of my favorite things!

So maybe Julie Andrews said it a little better, but I too have a list of favorite things.  Cozy fire, the end of a sunny winter day, a night with no homework, a dinner with no leftovers, the makings of a favorite evening spent at home.  And after putting my favorite boys to bed,  a little time to reflect on my own favorites.  Favorite moments from our normal days, and favorite attributes from my not normal but special children.   

I've found that one of my most favorite things, is the relationship that my boys share.  The simplicity of that  relationship is incredible, sure they have their fair share of disagreements, but they are small and unimportant in the larger scope of things.  They love playing together, they often forget about friends, their play is so straightforward it requires little effort to keep it fun.  I'm not responsible for this relationship, I think the credit goes to the personality traits that they each individually bring to their friendship.  

Jonas, so easy going, not a care in the world except fun and laughter (school, toys, homework, rules, schedule, money, books, no care for any).  We've had to have some serious talks lately about others not sharing his love for only fun, some do get tired of snowball fights, and you'll eventually get tackled into the snow, and buried (His reaction, just laughter, probably only made them more angry?).  His laid back approach isn't without it's struggles, but it allows him to accept others and their views with absolutely no judgement.  He almost instantly forgives (& forgets, both a blessing and a curse), he realizes the amount of effort it takes to remain angry over something that's already done and in the past is far more then just letting it go, so he moves on, remembering only the good (if only I could follow his example).  He's a great example to his younger brothers, I hope that they can take some of what he brings to their trio and use it in their own character.  


Solomon, so sweet, loving, caring and...... stubborn.  My boy of strong opinions, he's ready to debate his view on the most powerful Power Ranger, and with strong evidence to back up his stand.  He's already perfected his eyeroll, because truly he knows more than I.  He's full of passion, in all it's forms, his emotions get the better of him more often than he'd like.  He has a hard time holding back tears, even when he really tries.  Same thing when he's angry, usually a mean comment, betraying his effort, escapes his lips.  And his love, he can't seem to restrain that either.  When teaching his preschool class last year I over heard him confess his love to his four year old crush, lucky little man, she shared a similar opinion of him.  Now a year later, the infatuation mostly worn off, he still carries a love for her and her friendship, wearing her gifted bubble necklace, and sleeping with her given stuffed owl.  He's the one that lingers, even somewhat awkwardly, over hugs, never the first to let go, I've even had to pry his little hands from my neck at bed time.  Loves all of his brothers, never afraid to tell them so, I've seen, and heard, him clumsily stumble from his bed and a down a flight of steps to give his older brother a last minute hug and a farewell 'I love you!', before he leaves to catch the bus for school in the early morning.  He even made a request for an alteration of some hand-me-down jammies.  His pajama top, once owned by his older brother, bared Jonas's name and a painted hand print on the back.  Sol promptly knew what to add to make the top fitting for him to wear, even brought me the markers to make sure his demand was immediate. 

Playing lovingly with his little brother, see the yellow string around his neck, that's his bubble necklace, a special gift from one he loves.

He quickly comforts Abe when he's hurt, either physically or mentally, even if by his own hand, he helps him find his way to his mother's magic kisses (which I recently heard were slobbery, 'Your kisses are slobbery!', 'Yeah I know, Mom you really have slobbery kisses!', really you're both in agreeance, funny I've never had any complaints, I'm I offended?.....  so I guess... maybe... I think... I'm sorry to any of you that may have been the recipients of my slobbery kisses).  What better attribute to have than plenty of love to share,and so this is my favorite from Sol. 

My hug before off to school today, a little awkwardly long?

Abe, my little one who makes me chuckle.  He really thinks that he's half duck (and half human, and half pig), even tries flapping his wings and flying off the furniture.  So little in size, but large in spirit.  Never a hesitation to join in the fun with his two older brothers.  He's often found climbing, jumping, or upside down on objects three times his size, I sense a little jealousy from his older brothers at his agility, but still they can't deny his talent, so they too are impressed.  A natural people pleaser, it brings him pleasure to make others happy.  He keeps the group young, they've learned to appreciate his opinion on the current game or activity.  His comments so quirky and funny you can't help but laugh.  His talent is his ability to make you smile, such a gift to the entire family.  How fortunate am I to have such exceptional favorites?!

When housework bites, when my ears ring, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my boys and their favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!

*not the first, and probably not the last time I'll misuse the lyrics of someone else's hard work.

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