Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Healthy New Year

 "MOM, JACK FROST CAME, AND LOOK WHAT HE BROUGHT.....but he didn't frost our tree."
Jack Frost is a great guy, he seems to always know which simple treat to leave in our shoe, Kit Kat, Jerky, Recess, and a..... Baby Bottle?  (my boys have always seemed curious about them, and thanks to their convenient location near the register, decided it was worth a try)  Those treats help bring to a close the holiday magic, let everyone know because our tree wasn't "frosted", we'll spend some time at some point today trimming it's branches and burning them in the fireplace.  Jack Frost's visit even brightened the spirits of one extremely tearful eight year old who realized about three hours too late that he'd crashed, and missed "partying" in the New Year.  I guess he picked the wrong day to get up before 7:00.  I'm sure our last minute decision to accept a family invite to a friend's gymnastic gym, where we spent our evening hours running, jumping, climbing, sliding, and even some flipping, didn't help his late night attempt.

It's been a few years since I've had anyone stay awake until the stroke of midnight, this year I thought I had some real contenders, but in the end sleep prevailed.  Not really a big deal, with everyone snoozing on the couch, I was able to rouse them enough to wish them a Happy New Year, seal it with a kiss, and then tuck all four of them into bed.  I even made it in time to intercept the annual New Year's phone call from my brother, the one where I speak in hushed tones and try to decipher what he's saying from the crazy amount of back ground noise on his end.  There will be a time for loud and exciting New Year celebrations, but for now we'll celebrate early, and then settle in for the evening, nice and safe at home.

Our only real goal for 2014, is to be a healthier family.  Healthier in all aspects, mind, body, and soul.  Treat our bodies the way they crave to be treated.  Feed our soul with good and kind things, and practicing good and kind things in return.  Allow our minds to grow and expand, through realizations, examples, reading (Sorry Jo), and even school (Sorry again).  What better way to become a "healthier" family then spending time together, outside in the mountains, exercising our body and feeding our soul (with some hot chocolate).

We were prepared, hot chocolate, stove, toilet paper, all got used, quite the task with snow suits and 3 & 5 year olds
It's such a fun hike, the kids can sled most of the way down, going back up is a whole other story.
He did this for about 45 minutes straight, digging like a dog to make seats everywhere for all of us to sit in.

We might have stayed a little too long. After the hike back we had some seriously tired and cold kids..... and yes those are my gloves on his feet

Can't wait for what the future brings, here's a hushed toast to 2014, wishing all of you the best, and a healthy year to come!   

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