Monday, January 13, 2014

Dance Party

"Mom will you find me that one song on youtube..... you know that I wanna see you be brave song"
I just shrug my shoulders and look over at Monte, he looks equally as puzzled, but Jonas keeps singing, filling in his own words for most of the song.  The requests continue through the evening, and  finally I give in and type I w a n n a  s e e  y o u  b e  b r a v e in youtube's search box, up pops Sara Bareilles 'Brave'.  We huddle around the screen and watch the video, cute and catchy, kind of reminds me of my own awkward shyness from my youth.

"Soooo, where'd you hear that?"

"Oh you know Mom, on the bus."

Of course, the place where they spend close to an hour each day, being transported to and from school.  Funny, their bus driver doesn't look the type to rock out to pop music, but maybe he's adopted my musical theory.  I've given up my musical rights, it's far easier to let the children control the radio.  Oh sure there's the occasional stand off, but usually I give in, I'd rather keep the harmony of the group.

I don't know when it happened, but fairly recently I noticed a big change in song favorites.  Gone are the days when everyone was satisfied with the Curious George soundtrack, now it's all about Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and do I dare say, Christina Aguilera.  Pretty hip and trendy artist choices from my five year old, and my son who's chic awareness is comparable with your Great Aunt Myrdle's (I'm talking about Jo, he could seriously care less on what's considered 'cool', remember his Christmas outfit of choice, I rest my case).  There's even been some big disputes over which song content is better, 'Brave' or 'Roar'?  Jo stands firm on his 'Brave' song choice. Sol, a big Katy Perry fan, says Roar is waaaaay better, and why you ask?  Because it's easier for him to get his groove on.

  Cause I am a champion...

And your gonna hear me roar!!!!!

Louder, louder than a lion, your gonna hear me roar!!!!!
(You guessed it, these are his dancin' actions to the song)

Solomon loves to sing, his ease that which he remembers the words of his favorite songs is amazing.  He doesn't stop with just the singing however, he dances too.  The music compels him to dance, even while in the car I'll see fist pumps and head bobs in the rear view mirror, he can't control it.  Nothing simple about his dancing either, large jerky movements, jumps, head spins, and when he begins to feel a little self conscious he grabs my hand.  Doesn't matter what I'm doing, he'll even come and get me from the bathroom, he needs a partner, a partner for his Dance Party!  Teen bop music blaring from the speakers, a couple of great dance partners, and a whole bunch of silly fun, everyone joins in, that's what our dance parties are all about.

When I sent Sol to the bus stop this morning he was singing..... "We could of had it alllllllllllllll....", I think it was Adele, maybe it's time for a new favorite?  In the mean time we dance on, and the debate continues.  As for me, I think it's best if I keep my opinion to myself.... I mean say what you wanna say..... they don't have to show me, how big their 'Fav.' is. 

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