Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top Marks

My hands trembled as I fumbled with the envelope addressed with, To the Parents of Jonas Stewart.  I'd already opened Sol's and skimmed over it quickly, no real surprise, all top marks, was even pretty impressed, looks like he can now write to 308, not too shabby for my five year old.  But as I nervously unfold Jonas's report card, I find that I'm holding my breath, only after a swift review do I let the sigh of relief exit my lungs.  Everything looks good, nothing like Sol's (I hate comparing the two, but still I do), a few areas to work on, but I'm happy overall.

I might have led some to think that Jo doesn't like school, that wasn't my intention, he actually loves school, even hates to miss it (most of the time), it's the reading, writing, arithmetic aspect of school he struggles with.  After the hard time spent on homework some nights, I am totally baffled to how he even functions in school, but I'm always reassured when I meet with his teachers for our quarterly conferences.  Even since his Kindergarten conferences, I've always heard the same thing, 'He is such a fun boy, full of imagination and creativity, young at heart and a bit in his own world, beautiful handwriting, needs to work a little on his reading and his completion speed, but what a kind student'.  I leave happy, all our hard work is paying off, Jo is completely....... average (only average on his school record, I know that he is extraordinary), and I couldn't be more proud.  So often I feel like his 'needs work' marks are more of a reflection of myself, but is that true?  I don't feel the same about Sol's marks, I can't take the credit for his perfect scores, it's just who he is.  So is the same to be said about Jonas?  Something to think about.

However, what else did I pull from Jo's backpack, something much more fun then that silly envelope..... apparently Jonas celebrated his 1/2 birthday with his class.  This is what I love about school, the fact that his teacher, knowing he has a summer birthday, puts together a group of birthday notes from all the other students in the class.  Lets look at what Jo received top marks on (according to his classmates)-

Being a Great Friend..........A
Day Dreaming...................A
(what no plus, found it kind of funny this made the list, but it did, a number of times)
Being Funny......................A
Being Kind........................A

Why was I worried, well I'm not anymore, not with those amazing scores.  I did pick my top five birthday notes, I hope Jonas will always know and remember the effect he has on others.  So here they are in no particular order-

'you are a kind friend.  you are a rily good friend.  you are a osum friend.  you are a funny friend.  you are a fun friendfrum Hannah  (I loved her same sentence start, had a great effect)

And from Abby his very first friend, 'you are very funny.  you are a very awesome friend.  what's your favorite thing to do and whoes you favorite friend?'  (a subtle question at the end, don't worry Abby your friend ranking is safe)

'Happy birthday Jonas Your the best frind any body can have.  you are so nise you have a good emagenashion.  you are realley terifec at monkey bares and the rocet.  every boddy likes to play whith you.'  from Noelle  (I don't know Noelle, never even heard mention of her, but I love her, even complimenting his athletic ability, wonder if I can sway his crush her way, I read his crush's birthday letter no hidden message of her undying love, really pretty predictable)

Katie writes 'Happy Birthday Jonas.  Hi you are so nice you have the best hand writing ever.  you have a good imagination when you dream!!!  You are so extrodinary and nice.  however (think this is supposed to be who ever) is your friend loves you like a friend.  So what do you play with, I think it is a fun game with you arond.  You are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so (that is 17 sos) funny you are the funnyest person here do you think?  I think you are.'  (she filled every line on the paper, I can totally picture Kaite, do you think you can?  I think I can.)

And probably my most favorite line from a birthday note comes from Brinlee 'I would not be suprised if aliens took you because you are unnaturally good at everything!'  (I realized while reading Jo's notes, that he too must have written a bunch to his birthday bound class mates, I wondered what he wrote, I only wondered until I read Brinlee's comment, I'm sure his given birthday notes were very similar to hers, with just a few more spelling errors.)

A half a birthday sounds like a cause for a celebration, guess we'll spend the freezing evening at the park doing a little ice skating and doughnut eating!  Happy 1/2 birthday Jonas!!!  (it seemed like just 6 months ago we were celebrating your eighth birthday..... oh wait, it was)

This is why school is important, it's not about their marks or scores, but all about friendships and experiencesSo I can breathe a little easier, at least until next quarters end....... breathe easier.... right....that is unless I notice some unexplained crop circles a little too close to home. 

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