Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Too Many Eggs in My Basket

Just over a dozen..... not eggs..... but superhero egg t shirts.  On Sunday will meet again for our annual Easter get together, spent with my aunt and her family.  This year with a theme, 'A Super Hero Bunny', and the facebook invite told me to get my costume ready.  If I'm going to make a few simple costumes for my family, why not throw in a few more and make one for the entire group.... was I taking on too much?

I thought using the freezer paper stencil method would be fairly quick and easy....... I might have been wrong.

I'd started just before noon, and didn't get to the cleanup until after nine that night.  My only breaks had been to make lunch, get Sol on the bus, and hastily eat my plastic play food that Abe kept preparing for me, I was just grateful he managed to stay busy until his brothers got back home from school.  I stayed at my painting post while I directed orders towards my children....'Gonna have to get your own snack', 'Stop teasing each other', 'Get your homework done', 'Help me get the blender out for dinner'.  You heard me right.... a blender..... for dinner?  Cluttered counters and tables, and one obsessing mom meant smoothies, toast, and cottage cheese for dinner, a quick and easy dinner method borrowed from a friend.

With a large pack of Superhero Bunnies, who could be our egg stealin' villain?  Who to wear the 4XL black villain t shirt..... I had the perfect fit, for both the role and the shirt.  It really was an easy pick, there is only one who is loud and dramatic enough to embrace this evil chicken position....  you'll look great Bub!!!

 It had been a busy but productive day.... I'd finished and sent off our taxes, got in a darkened evening swim, filled bellies with toast, blended spinach and fruit, and probably to make up for my absence most of the day, a couple scoops of ice cream, adding something extra sweet to our normally green fibrous concoction........  And how could I forget......  designing, painting, and completing the dozen or so superhero themed Easter t shirts.

*Now that I'm done what about a matching superhero mask..... or capes..... or adorable bunny ears..... and don't forget snacks..... cute hard boiled eggs with tiny red capes.... drawing a little black mask on each egg probably won't take too long.... I think I saw something on pinterest about that.........  


  1. Oh, my, cuteness!! You had me at "evil egg stealin' villain". I cannot wait to see pics. Happy hunting!