Thursday, April 3, 2014

A 'Fools' Samuria Birthday

April 1st, a day when lying is totally acceptable and celebrated.  A day when you question everything your told, and you double check every seat before you sit.  A day my children finish most sentences with 'April Fools!', and fake poop decorates my kitchen table.  A day that I love and cherish, not for the mustached glasses and chattering teeth, but because it was on this day six years ago my Sweet Sol and I met for the first time.

Year one
My round baby boy, so sweet even at birth, simple and easy even with his strong opinions....... somethings never change.  It's his big event that brings me inside, other projects on hold, back to the blogging world for some moments in front of the computer screen, documenting and recording his special day.

year two
An April Fools birthday party..... we had meatloaf cupcakes and backward cloths, he was so wobbly on his feet he slipped and fell, ended up with three stitches on his first birthday, right on the forehead, it was a memorable emergency room visit.............. April Fools!  Just that once did we have an April Fools birthday celebration, only before he could voice his choice.  By two, in typical Sol fashion, he'd not only mastered a full vocabulary, but also developed a sense of child rights, and informed me of his intended birthday theme.  At two it was trucks, at three race cars, four it was superheroes, five transformers, and now, at six, Power Ranger Samurais.

I have my own opinionated live in expert on Ranger Samurais, he'd already decided which activities were the most appropriate to do.  So the most difficult task of this party planning was convincing him to cut his original 20 plus guest list to just over a dozen.  Welcome to the Power Ranger Training Center, where you'll enter a child and leave a samurai.... well that's what the invitation says.  Complete each challenge and you'll receive your earned tokens.  Who knows you may even have to put your newly acquired skills to the test and battle a real live nighlok?  You can really build up an appetite with all that samurai training, but no worries here at the training center no good deed goes unnoticed, just follow your two young senseis to your celebration feast.  

Sensei leader for the day= full permission for him and his sensei friend to boss his little brother and his friends around for most of the party.  I don't know who was more excited for Sol's birthday celebration?


Sword training with Abe

My brother, such a good sport, he and his wife (who made an awesome power ranger cake) took the day off of work to come celebrate with Sol, I don't think he expected what was about to happen next......

And this is what happened next..... it was quite the battle but in the end Octoroo the Nighlock was defeated.
Victory is sweet, even if your older brother manages to sneak in a cheap shot.

After the last child officially left as a samurai, my birthday boy was totally content and happy playing with his new Lego sets.  Sol had only one wish for his birthday dinner, for his Uncle Matt to stay and make some more of his favorite yakisoba noodles.  Wish granted Sol.

I might have spoke to soon.  Looks like his Uncle Matt was a little too involved in helping Sol find the 'oh so important' Lego piece, his forgotten noodles were burned and tossed out, then due to some spring snow causing a power outage we couldn't even find an open restaurant to eat at, and with no open gas stations due to a lack of power we ran out of gas, and don't forget while walking the couple of miles home who else but the birthday boy slips on some snow and sustains an injury.... you guessed it..... stitches..... right in the forehead.....

April Fools!!!!!  The noodles were delicious, the company was even better, and the birthday boy was sweeter than his birthday cake.  Even my gelatinous 'red punch' was a hit.  It seems my last prank was really just an unexpected treat, who knew that drinking jello from a straw was so appealing?

With both of his brothers already asleep, I was able to hold my April Fools baby and share his birth story, completely uninterrupted.  It's one of his favorite stories, he sleepily smiled and mimicked my actions.  He loves that he was my biggest baby, weighing in at 13 lbs 4 oz..... and who would of guessed that my tiny babe would obtain a wound so soon after birth..... stitches on the day he was born..... right on the forehead......

It really is 'Fun to be 1'!
If the hat still fits wear it, only on April Fools can it still be 'Fun to be 1' when your really six.

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  1. Growing up so fast and fun. Happy Birthday! Looks and sounds like a fantastic party.